With the Supreme Court thwarting The Don’s attempt to succeed at overturning the election, Rush Limbaugh had the obvious solution:

“Perhaps law-abiding states should bond together and form a Union of states that will abide by the Constitution. “I actually think that we’re trending toward secession.”

A new Republican motto was born: If you don’t succeed then secede. New t-shirts by the millions are being produced: Succeed through succession.

Kind of catchy.

I say to Missouri, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah and West Virginia (states that joined the absurd lawsuit by Texas challenging the validity of the votes in battleground states): Pleeeeease Secede.  Now that’s a t-shirt I would be proud to wear!

 A Quinnipiac University poll released on Thursday found that only 23 percent of registered Republican voters — and slightly less than half of all white men who are registered to vote — said they believed Mr. Biden’s victory was legitimate.

What can we surmise from this?

  1. The majority of Republicans are delusional?
  2. They are sore losers?
  3. They are seditious?
  4. They are stupid?
  5. They are suckers?
  6. They are wittingly or unwittingly part of an American narrative of White Supremacy?
  7.  They are anti-democratic and by extension anti-American   
  8. The Don is their savior?  

Choose any or all of the above.      

When the Supreme Court slapped The Don down, he went ballistic. After all, how could his justices do this to him. They promised if he gave them the job that they would have his back.

Rumor has it that he wanted to tweet the following:

Amy (Coney Barrett) you should be ashamey. When I first met you, I thought, wow, she looks pretty good for someone with all those children. I could see myself going out with her. But now all I see are her wrinkles. Such a sad woman with that silly religion stuff. And she adopted two black children. And from the shithole country of Haiti. Why would anyone do that?

We need to change the rules so these people can’t be there for life and I can get rid of them whenever I feel like it. Most Americans agree!

Brett (Kavanaugh) you are the most pathetic man I ever met. I knew you raped that woman. It was written all over your face. I know some things about that. I thought we had a connection. You broke your oath to protect and defend me. Some would call that treason. I just call you a rat.

We need to change the rules so these people can’t be there for life and I can get rid of them whenever I feel like it. Most Americans agree!

Neil (Gorsuch) how could you let them steal it. I trusted you and you stabbed me in the back. There are many who love me who are disappointed in you. We will see what happens. You know things happen. Just ask the governor of Michigan what her life is like.

We need to change the rules so these people can’t be there for life and I can get rid of them whenever I feel like it. Most Americans agree!

Now that the electors have cast their ballots this should finally be behind us, right. We can finally move on, right?

Not according to the malignant and malevolent child separator, Stephen Miller. According to Miller there is “more than enough time to right the wrong of this fraudulent election result and certify Donald Trump as the winner.”

The reality is that until January 6th, when congress officially verifies the results, there is more shenanigans to come.

There are rumors that Miller has floated a number of tricks up his sleeve to prevent democrats from showing up for the vote.

Here are a few:

  1. A media blitz to convince democrats that January 6th is really January 5th.  
  2. Kidnapping some democrats and replacing them with look-a-likes, who then vote to deny Biden the presidency.
  3. Having someone yell “fire!”, and have all the Republicans, knowing it is a hoax, remain to vote.
  4. Utilizing administration’s immigration policy to deport all non-white lawmakers.
  5. Surrounding democrats with Republican lawmakers who refuse to wear masks hoping to infect democrats forcing them to quarantine during the time of the vote.
  6. Have Proud Boys barricade democrats in their homes.

Stay tuned for more lunacy.

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