Ho! Ho! Ho!

The more things change the more they stay the same.

Let us start with the change that’s gonna come, as we need some hope in these dark days.

In 45 days, Joe Biden will be inaugurated as the 46th president.

Decency will make a comeback to the oval office.

Competency will return to Government.

Science will once again matter.

Empathy will return.

Reality will be, well, reality?

A few more things:

Anything orange will be whitewashed.

A deep-clean, the likes of nothing witnessed before, will attempt to remove the stench and poison that has saturated and permeating the White House.

Now let’s move on to what’s stayed the same.

The pandemic rages on and The Don and his cronies continue to pretend it doesn’t exist.

The election is over. The Don and his cronies continue to deny the results. (Is there a pattern here or am I just reading into things?)

The Don continues to rage against anyone who doesn’t embrace his alternate reality.

Under the tutelage of The Don, Republicans have finally been exposed as the immoral, anti-democratic party they have been for years.

The Don continues to grift his supporters, and has collected $270 million dollars for “legal fees,” when only a small percentage of the money is used for that. Rumor has it that he may use it to spruce up Mara-a-lago, which, in a nod to the Confederacy, he is considering naming the “Southern White House.”

But don’t despair. There is holiday cheer. Jingle Bells, Rudolph and Santa are taking center stage. In the middle of our dystopian nightmare, the White House has announced there will be at least 25 parties. Rumor has it, that to attend, you not only have to rsvp, but you need to check the box that claims The Don won the election.

The invitation makes it clear that there are two tiers of parties: one for people who wear masks and the others for the mask-less. Rudy G was supposed to be the master of ceremony at the “Dance Till You Drop Marathon,” but the super-sprayer is Covid-bound in the hospital. The ball isn’t your old fashioned marathon kind of thing; it’s more of a sharing a virus kind of thing. Featured music is Leonard Cohen’s “Dance Me to the End of Love,” which may come sooner than many of the attendees think.

 And the first lady has decked the halls of the White House and shared her vision of America.

“During this special time of the year, I am delighted to share America the Beautiful and pay tribute to the majesty of our great Nation. Together, we celebrate this land we are all proud of.”

Pass the champagne and canapes, please. You would like another glass of champagne? Of course, let me fill your glass.

I must say I am so disappointed in Melania’s conventional decorating choices this year. She really should have returned to the blood-red trees, of 2018, which, at the time, were referred to as “creepy” and “deeply haunted.” She could have had ornaments the shape of a coronavirus hanging from the trees. She really blew it.

Secret Santa is expected to be a blast. Each stocking will be filled with leftover Trump products. Trump steaks, Trump Water, Trump Wine. There will even be 50% off coupons for classes at Trump University. First class seats on Trump Airlines. But wait there is more!

The Don’s devotees will each receive a specially produced Pardon ticket that says: “No matter what you did, I’ve got your back because you had mine!

For Republicans who were disinvited for deciding they didn’t want to end democracy as we know it by changing the results of the election, there were different tickets. These were sent special delivery and dropped in front of houses like amazon packages. These stockings contain tickets that paraphrase Steve Bannon: “Welcome to your beheading.”

A happy holiday to all!

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