About This Blog

“OMFG “or better known as: “Oh My Fuckin God,” is a blog that explores the magnificent mind of the world’s most famous Narcissist, our Predator- (oops, I mean President) in-Chief, who I will refer to, from this moment on, as “The Don.” (Can’t you just hear the music from the “God Father” wafting from the pews of the church as the blood flows?) Also, Don has three letters less than Donald and every character (disorder) counts, when it comes to Twitter.

The thing about narcissists is that they live in their own constructed universe in which they need to be “Great.” That need compensates for how small they really feel. Just recall the number of days “The Don spent trying to convince people that he didn’t have “small hands,” as there can be nothing small in Trump world.

Having to be great 24 -7, narcissists reimagine reality in ways that reinforce their fantasy of who they think they are. It is like their brains have a special “greatness” translation processor that does magic tricks. For instance: Despite the fact that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 2.8 million votes, “The Don,” can translate and then in a stroke of magic (some might call it delusion) reconfigure reality; he can actually make himself believe he won the popular vote because millions of people voted illegally. Even being the president elect cannot prevent him from having to convince himself that he was the winner of the vote, as to have lost that makes him feel small and undermines his sense of greatness.

The other thing about narcissists is that they live in a world in which they are the center. If they are the earth then the sun must revolve around them. Screw Copernicus or whoever it was that debunked that theory. Admiration for them is as essential as breast milk–make that air, as we definitely don’t want to be talking about breasts! The bottom line is that everything ultimately is about them. This blog will imagine itself as “The Don’s” internal translator: and one thing is for sure : it will be great!

So welcome to “OMFG” aka, “Oh My fucking God” which is what comes out of my mouth like someone with Tourette’s syndrome every time I think about who just became president!