Flynn Flam And The Pizza Man

I really did miss Sean Spicer. Not only because it allowed Melissa McCarthy to imitate him, but also because on a daily basis, we got to witness someone in prime time struggle for the integrity of their soul.  Shamefully, the dark side triumphed.   It started right out of the box, when he had to famously defend The Don’s position that his inauguration was the most highly attended, despite photos clearly demonstrated that it paled to Obama’s. The dissonance must have been so great for Spicer (he saw the photos!) that when he defended his boss, the words came out of him like he was the puppet, Jerry Mahoney, of the great ventriloquist Paul Winchell.  His pathetic antics of hiding in bushes to avoid reporters could have been a scene right out of the TV show Veep.

On the other hand, Sarah “Huckster” Huckabee, his replacement feels very comfortable lying. She seems so disconnected from anything remotely human that she scares me. Put it this way: I would never let her babysit my children: under the veil of her Evangelism, the devil smiles.

Spicer brought down the house at The Emmy’s and is making the rounds on the talk show circuit in an attempt to resurrect his image and of course, make a lot of money. The Don will be very proud of you Sean. Dancing with devil does pay. Can’t wait to see what’s in all those notebooks of yours but unfortunately for you, Robert Mueller will get to read them first before you get your book deal.

Besides Spicer I am so happy to see Mike Flynn back in the public eye. Remember a few months back when he offered to tell his story to the Senate Intelligence Committee for immunity? It was Flynn this, Flynn that. He had the goods on The Don and was willing to make a deal.

Back then, The Senate Intelligence Committee decided to take a pass on his generous offer and wait until it strengthened its hand. So for a while, he was not on anyone’s dance card. But that has changed. Hey, Mikey, where ya been man? The Mueller guy is waiting to dance with you. And they are playing “Jail House Rock.”

Before I celebrate Flynn’s reemergence on the dance floor, let’s talk about Mike Pence and his involvement with Flynn and the Russia thing.

Pence gets so little play, so little respect and has lied so often. That goodie two shoes choir boy look lets him slide under the radar. But beware of the repressed.

He, too, has lawyered up and there is rumor that he is spending more and more time in church praying, not for forgiveness for his transgressions, but that no one will find him. Rumor has it that a priest friend of his has let him put an air mattress in the sacristy.

Just a little Pence-Flynn history:

While Pence was running the transition team he had received warnings about Flynn’s shenanigans with the Russians but just said: Meh?

Pence vociferously denied that Flynn had any conversations about relieving sanctions on the Russians.

On numerous occasions Pence flat out denied there was any contact between Russia and members of the Trump campaign.

Pence claimed that when Mike Flynn Jr. was fired from the transition team because of Pizza Gate (more on that later) that he was not actually fired because he was not part of the transition team to begin with. Well that’s strange, then why has Jr. sent and received emails with the transition email address? (This is a trick question Mr. Vice President-be deliberate with your answer as God is listening.)

To add to the intrigue, could there be any connection between the family values “Mother Russia” and the fact that Pence allegedly refers to his wife as “mother.” Actually, to be exact, he refers to her as “mother, mother.” Call me a conspiracy theorist, but if you remember the movie “The Manchurian Candidate,”

A sinister Angela Lansbury (the mother) triggers a hypnotic state in her brainwashed son by asking him to play solitaire. Lansbury has him summon up the Queen of Diamonds, which allows her to order her son to engage in unsavory activities.

manchurian candidate.jpg

 See where I am going with this?
I know it’s a stretch, but maybe when Pence is saying “mother, mother,” it is code for “Mother Russia.” And who knows, maybe it is Pence’s wife (his “mother, mother”) that is the real Russia connection? Why not? You have to admit it would be a brilliant twist in the plot. That would make momma Pence one hot momma! This theory is not any more preposterous than Mike Flynn Jr.’s embrace of Pizza Gate, the alt-right conspiracy theory that Hillary Clinton was part of a human trafficking sex ring in D.C. (More about this later.)

Which brings us to Mike Flynn whose clandestine, shady activities with foreign governments is under intense scrutiny by special prosecutor Robert Mueller.

Some highlights:

  • Flynn repeatedly failed to fully disclose his many lobbying and business ties to foreign governments. He misled Pentagon officials about his income from Russia and contacts with foreign officials when he applied for a renewal of his top-security clearance.
  • His claims that he received no income and had insubstantial contact with foreign nationals were lies. Just two months before he made that claim, he had sat with Putin at a Moscow gala for RT, the Kremlin financed television network, and was paid $45,000 to attend and speak.
  • Flynn accepted a $600,00 lobbying deal with Ekim Alptekin, a Turkish man, who coordinates lobbying for Turkey in Washington just before he was named Director of the NSA. Alptekin worked with Dmitri Zalkin, a former executive in Russian energy and mining who had dealings with Putin. Put simply, while Flynn was Director of our National Security, he was being paid by a foreign entity with ties to Russia. That makes me feel very secure. How about you?
  • Flynn told the vice president that he had only exchanged holiday greetings with Ambassador Kislyak, when in fact the two men had discussed economic sanctions against Russia. That call took place while Obama was placing sanctions on Russia for interference in our election. That’s security for you.

Most recently it was revealed that Flynn failed to disclose that he worked for oil companies and attended a meeting on their behalf promoting U.S.-Russian Saudi-financed program to build nuclear reactors in the Arab world. He also did not disclose meetings the Three Musketeers, Flynn, Bannon and Kushner, had with the King of Jordan, and with the Crown Prince of Dubai without alerting our government. This one should really keep you up at night for a number of reasons: the lying and secrecy, the brazen cavorting with foreign governments, more clandestine deals with the Russians and most frightening, the idea that these oil producing countries would be using the materials for nuclear reactors and not nuclear weapons, which would further destabilize the powder keg called the Middle East.

Can’t wait until we the find the tweet that says: “This is a great deal. You get nukes, I get a Trump Tower in your countries!”

So let me ask: do you think the Musketeers were colluding with Russia?

What is amazing about all this is that Obama warned The Don about Flynn when they met at The White House. Sally Yates also told White House General Counsel that Flynn was compromised and that he had lied to Pence about his involvement with the Russians. Given that Pence has lied a whole lot perhaps who knew about Pence and the Russians and just lied about it. Either way, the administration had multiple sources of information certifying that Flynn was a bad apple and yet they kept him on. Guess we really needed him to protect our security.

And finally, we get to my favorite part of the story: Pizza Gate, a baseless right wing conspiracy theory that the pizza shop was a front for a child sex ring led by Hillary Clinton; the theory was taken so seriously by Edgar Madison of North Carolina, that he showed up at the pizza shop with a rifle and fired it. That’s the kind of security we need in this country, right? Flynn Jr. was a supporter of the theory and made his thoughts known.

Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 4.30.10 PM.png

So the son of the NSA Director, who is part of the transition team and who, by the way, has a degree in golf management, believes Hillary Clinton is involved in a sex ring scandal in a pizza shop named Comet Ping Pong. Now if Flynn’s involvement with the Russians wasn’t enough to stop Flynn from getting hired as NSA, then certainly the fact that Flynn Jr. couldn’t tell the difference between ping pong balls and golf balls should have been.

And now for one more conspiracy theory: Perhaps there is a golf connection. After all, the Don just re-tweeted a video where he hits a golf ball in to Hillary’s head as she is entering a plane. Flynn Jr. is in golf management. Russia, need any golf courses?


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