Like Father, Like Son

Two peas in a pod or maybe more accurately: two pees in a pod. You know golden showers, pissing all over the truth and the country-that kind of stuff.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. And like in sleeping beauty, them are some damn poison apples.

Chip off the old block. Cast in the same mold. Birds of a feather flock together. Two foxes in the hen house.

Two soulless human beings; a father, a son and an unholy…

That was fun.

So Don Jr. had his first shot at telling his story about his meetings with the Russians to investigators for the Senate Judiciary committee. The great news flash is that he denied any collusion between the Russians and the campaign. He also had to acknowledge that the original statement, crafted by his daddy, suggesting that the meeting was about Russian-American adoption policy, was a lie. Two pees in a pod.

I mean really, Russian-American adoption policy? They couldn’t come up with something more believable? Do you think for a moment that these two soulless people give a fuck about the fate of Russian children and adoption? The only scenario in which this seems imaginable is if they were working out a deal to get kickbacks from the transactions.

OMFG TRUMP - Russian Adoption.jpg


So what was the meeting about?

  1. Jared Kushner’s Russian cooking show and his desperate attempt to get the down low on the recipe for Blini?
  2. Discussions about borrowing more money from the Russians to finance real estate projects and begging them to let them build a Trump Tower in Moscow?
  3. Covert activity on behalf of the U.S. Olympic committee to get the name of the newest doping techniques for athletes?
  4. Getting rid of sanctions on Russia so former Exxon Chief and current Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, could give the go ahead to drill in the 63 million acres of unexplored land in Siberia that Exxon is in partnership with the Russians on?
  5. Searching for insight in to why the buildings in Moscow are so colorful and how much fun it must be to work in one?
  6. Don Jr. hoping to get a Medal of Friendship award from Putie like Tillie once received. Wouldn’t it  just look so great on my mantel right below the leopard skin I bagged in Africa. That’s where I put all my great international trinkets.hunt30n-8-web.jpgC

There have been so many reasons trotted out to describe the intent of this infamous meeting, that there is rumor that a Chinese publishing house is releasing a companion piece to the classic story Rashomon called: Donshomon. The difference is that in Roshomon there are contradictory interpretations of the same event by different people; in Donshomon, it is just one person contradicting himself. And that makes sense, as like The Don, Don Jr. is a pathological liar, who is all about himself.


 Turns out that the most recent iteration of the tale of the event is that Don Jr. took the meeting with the Russians because they might have information about Hillary Clinton’s “fitness” to be president.

Must say that is an interesting twist conjured up by White House staff, his lawyers, his daddy? Spinning it that way, Don Jr. can be seen as an American hero, protecting his country from an “unfit” Hillary, instead of someone who is cavorting with a foreign government to influence an election. Quite a Trumpian turn of phrase: like father, like son. Two pees in a pod. The apple doesn’t… And by the way, the fact that he did not disclose the meeting to the F.B.I., is something he will have to reckon with.

Let’s talk a little bit more about the word “unfit.”

Funny that when Hillary was Secretary of State no one ever expressed that she was unfit for her duties; in fact, her work in this position allowed her to develop the kind of expertise in international affairs that gave her the knowledge and gravitas to be president. On the other hand, the word “unfit” has been used so many times, by so many people, to describe The Don as president, that it would be fair (and yes, corny) to say this categorization of The Don fits like a glove.

Now America’s Dudley Do-Right, Robert Mueller, a man that understands there is only one answer to the question of why Don Jr. Jared and Paulie Manafortie were meeting with enough Russians to field a hockey team, wants to know how the statement aboard Air Force One was put together, whether information was intentionally left out and who was involved.

Mueller’s questioning will look at the issue of intent and possible efforts to conceal information during an obstruction of justice investigation. This will be like a high stakes game of the new edition of the board game Clue: Obstruction of Justice. Mueller will put all those on Air Force Room in a room and turn on the heat, ferreting who aided and tampered with the president’s statement. My money is on Sarah, the Huckster Huckabee, in the cockpit, with whiteout.

After all, it was the huckster that said: “he (The Don) weighed in as any father would.”

And to quote Don Jr.’s emails about the meeting: “ If it’s what you say, I love it, especially later in the summer.” To that I say: Don Jr. be careful what you love, love, love as sometimes ,what you love, is a very dangerous thing.

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