The Tale of Two Viruses: Part 2

Don, the King Virus, and his court of “Virulletes,” continue to live in a delusional universe. We have seen it all before: Denial of the facts, aggrandizement of The Don’s accomplishments, blaming of the “deep state.”

Between the lovely Kellyanne Conartist’s claim that the virus is contained and Larry Kudlow urging people to buy stocks and the misinformation about the number of tests available, The Don’s virulent spin machine and anti-truth campaign is in full force; anyone who questions the administration’s competence is just part of the deep state’s plan to undermine the president.

I nearly upchucked my breakfast when I  heard the head of CDC genuflect in front of King Virus after he rambled about his desire to keep 3,500 people on a cruise ship because he was concerned that if allowed on land the infected passengers would increase the number of reported cases in the U.S.

Speechless? First we put people in cages where people die and now we keep people on a ship, a ripe place for the spread of infection, because we don’t want our numbers to get worse? Have I ever mentioned that The Don is incapable of empathy? Where are Republican voices concerned about this craziness? Oh right, there are none.

You know what The Don was doing on the weekend while those 3,500 passengers were trapped on the ship? Playing golf. Too bad there isn’t a sand trap that is made of quicksand.

OMFG TRUMP - Coronavirus.jpg

Fox News continues to spread misinformation to its viewers who are convinced The Don is completely in command of the situation.  I watched an interview with a woman wearing a MAGA hat tell a reporter that there is no coronavirus and that it is an attempt to undermine The Don. She went on to say that she doesn’t believe anything democrats say. Speechless? The Don, Fox News and the right wing media have brainwashed millions of people to the point that they don’t believe a virus exists.

Furthermore, when asked last week if he would consider canceling some of his large political rallies to avoid the risk of spreading the virus, Trump responded, “It doesn’t bother me, and it doesn’t bother them at all.”

Because of this undying loyalty to The Don, his followers are putting themselves at greater risk. They are not taking simple and practical precautions (washing hands, etc.) that could protect them: their inability to accept reality places other people in harm’s way. I cringe saying this, but maybe a whole lot of them getting infected at a MAGA rally breaks the delusional spell? After all, The Don’s true believers are so ginned up at his rallies that they are practically foaming at the mouth, spraying spittle everywhere and sprayed spittle is Coronavirus’s best friend.

OMFG TRUMP - Coronavirus 2.jpg

Rumor has it that a reporter asked Trump supporters after a MAGA rally their thoughts about the pandemic.

Reporter: Maybe there is no virus, but if by some crazy chance there is virus- what would you think?

Supporter 1: Let’s say there is a virus. No fear here, man. Do you know how many times the president washes his hands because of his Germaphobia? Isn’t it so cool that despite the dirt everyone hurls at him he just washes it off? And let’s face it, if the president has such clean hands and I am one with the president, then my hands are always clean, too. So as I said, no fear here, man.

Reporter: So you do think there is a virus, but it isn’t a big deal? How do you think the president is dealing with this?

Supporter 2: Well, since it isn’t a big deal, I am not that concerned. But even if it were, the president has it completely under control.  He is so smart and knows so much about everything. He is a man with great instincts.

Reporter: A stable genius?

Supporter 2: Totally, the man is a complete genius. And a real truth teller.

(Supporter takes out phone and searches)

Supporter 2: Listen to what he said at the Disease Center about the tests we have to diagnose it:

“The tests are beautiful…The tests are all perfect, like the letter was perfect, the transcription was perfect,” he added, referring to his communication with the president of Ukraine. “This is the highest-level test anywhere.” “I like this stuff, I really get it,” he said, adding that maybe he should have become a scientist, like his uncle the “super genius,” instead of running for president.”


OMFG TRUMP - Coronavirus 3.jpg
It’s perfect, totally perfect. What’s it for?

Supporter 2: Yes, the man really gets it; he gets me and I would do anything for him. And I am so furious about the Ukraine thing. Who gets impeached for a “perfect call.”

Reporter: Um, thanks so much but I have to go because I need to go wash my hands.

Reporter: Are you concerned about going to work if you are sick? You know, that you may be contagious and infect people.

Supporter 3: First of all, that is a real hypothetical question. Second, that assumes there is a real virus. But say there was. I would just listen to what the president said to Sean Hannity the other night.

“Thousands or hundreds of thousands of people get better, just by, you know, sitting around and even going to work — some of them go to work but they get better.”

Reporter: A lot do get better, but you still are infectious. What about your co-workers. What about infecting them? That seems kind of unfair, doesn’t it?

Supporter 3: Well now that you put it that way, it does seem a bit unfair. But life is unfair, that’s why I voted for Trump because he knows my struggles; he knows how white people in America have lost their place; he is taking care of us-not like Obama. He destroyed our country. Trump is taking it back.

Once again I ask: What is more dangerous, the Coronavirus or King Virus? Not sure?
But one thing is for sure: the two together make everything more dangerous and frightening. How many more will die because of his incompetence and inability to deal with reality? The only silver lining to this is that The Don’s sheer incompetence and pathology will ensure his defeat in November.

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