The America Hoax

Trump’s street cred as a Presidential candidate was born out of his claim that Barack Obama was not an American, that his was an illegitimate presidency. The far right loved him for this and used this hoax to maliciously degrade and delegitimize Obama- a hoax born out of racism and nativism. The Don took a page right out of his father’s KKK sympathizing play book. David Duke was so inspired by The Don that he decided to run for the Senate. The KKK, America’s finest!

Then The Don went after Mexicans who were murderers and rapists. And to the thrill of the crowd, came the red meat special, that he was going to build a wall and Mexico was going to pay for it. He was also going to deport all 11 million illegal immigrants.

He attacked Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who was adjudicating a lawsuit against the hoax   called Trump University, stating he would be biased against him because he was Mexican. “We’re building a wall between here and Mexico,” he lashed out. Turns out Judge Curiel was born in good ole Indiana and is as American as The Don.

Then there was the attack on Mrs. Kahn and the ban on Muslims.So much for the American principle of honoring all creeds and religions.

America first. White America, that is. We are taking back our country. Immigrants are taking your jobs and stealing your American Dream.

The Don did proclaim his Muslim ban, but butted up against the American people who came out in droves to protest this clearly discriminatory and repugnant action. He also came up against something American called the constitution and the law, which blocked his ban. The big baby cried foul but America stood its ground.

States have fought back as well. California, New Jersey, Illinois and Nebraska have adopted resolutions in support of refugees in opposition to limits on travel from Muslim countries.

As for the Don’s wall, it turns out to be a menagerie and it too came up against something American: the checks and balances of Congress, which has no intent on supporting the building of a wall. The recent revelation of his phone call with Mexican president, Enrique Pena Nieto, where he begs him to pretend Mexico will pay for it, is nothing less than pathetic. Please daddy, my friends at school will laugh at me if I don’t bring this toy to school. You can bring it back to the store later. I just need it!

Meanwhile Sessions, the Despicable and his team of henchmen, are working overtime to round up and deport illegal immigrants; and though they have had some success, they have come up against some stiff resistance from American cities around the country-most recently, Rahm Emanuel is suing the D.O.J. for threatening to withhold funds if Chicago doesn’t comply with their demands. The mayors find the actions of Sessions the Despicable, inhumane and well, un-American.

Most recently, The Don announced that he was taking on legal immigration as well which he announced would be cut by 41% in a year and 50% within a decade, decreasing the number of family members who can come to this country. Basically, if you can’t speak very, very, great English, totally amazing English then don’t bother knocking on America’s door. If  you happened to be looking over at Lady Liberty when he made his pronouncment, you would have seen her shaking her lantern in disapproval, signifying how un-American that was.

According to an article by Eduardo Porter (August 9th, New York Times), “The United States needs more low skilled workers… Eight of the 15 occupations expected to experience the fastest growth between 2014-2024-personal care and home health aides, food preparation workers, janitors and the like-require no schooling at all.”  Despite the hoax of The Don’s claims, that immigrants take jobs from Americans, there is no real threat and the fact is that there are many positive effects on the American economy.

Lindsey Graham’s reaction to The Don’s decree was to once again shake his head as if to say “is this man an idiot or what?” and stated that if the policy were to go through South Carolina’s economy would go bankrupt.

If you noticed, the two words that have come up most in this piece are America and hoax. The Don’s claim that he is the champion of America and its workers and his empty  slogan “Made in America” are another hoax that he is perpetrating on the American people.

In an act of unmitigated gall and hoaxery, during Made in America Week, Mar-a-Lago asked to hire more foreign workers. Ads were placed in thePalm Beach Post informing the public about waiter jobs at Mar-a-Lago, but were printed in such small text it was hard to find. That ad ran only twice. Applications were supposed to be faxed or mailed. There was no email address or phone number.


Turns out that you have to wait 14 days before you can apply to the labor department for an exemption to get approval for foreign workers. I mean really, how crazy is it to think you could find a cook or waiter in America?

In addition, 500 Visas for foreign workers have been requested for Mar-a-Lago since 2010; only 17 Americans out of 300 applicants have been hired!

Trump’s golf course in Westchester made similar requests for foreign waiters and waitresses in April.

The Trump Whinery in Virginia applied for 23 foreign Visas, as no one picks grapes like immigrants.

Go American worker!

Now let’s get to the hoax of “Made in  America.”

It is well known that almost all of The Don’s products are made overseas. When asked why he doesn’t lead by example and have more of the products from his collection made here, he lied “They don’t even make this stuff here.” It is true that much of the fashion world has its inventory manufactured in other countries, but to say no one makes ties in America? Actually, Brooks Brothers now makes 100% of its retail ties here and 85% of their suits. Don you are a hoax and shamefully un-American.

Let’s wander further down the path of hoaxiosity. Sets of toiletries from Central America, light fixtures from the Czech Republic and Grand headboards from China adorn his properties. He has imported materials, apparel and supplies from more than 15 countries the past 2 years.

trump china compromise.jpg

On Nov 25th (two weeks after the election) The Don’s Doral Golf Resort imported a 924- pound shipment from Hong Kong, including golf club covers. In Feb 18,000 pounds of logo emblazoned ice buckets came from Thailand. In 2016, he imported 217,000 pounds of Miss Universe brand Chi hair straighteners and hair dryers from Hong Kong.


Trump has been stiffing US workers for years by buying cheap steel from China. Two of the last three construction projects did not get their steel from Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio or Michigan. The steel was purchased through some link to the Luchese and Genovese crime families, who get the steel from overseas. These purchases are done in surreptitious ways, through secondary hidden entities, which makes tracking them difficult.

The Don also didn’t buy Aluminum from Alcoa–a tried and true American brand. Some digging showed that through some back channel bait and switch operation, the Aluminum could be traced back to China.

Let’s go to Ivanka, who follows in her dad’s footsteps. Her entire line is made in China, Bangladesh and Indonesia. The princess of bullshit, who claims her life’s mission is about improving the lives of working women, has a company that lags behind many in the apparel industry when it comes monitoring the treatment of the female workforce around the world. Another hoax.

Like The Don’s claim that Climate Change, the Russia investigation and the media are a hoax, his claim to support American workers and make things in America once again exposes who the hoax really is. Turns out that The Don is well, delegitimate and un –American!


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