Hunker In The Bunker

Loyalty is everything to The Don. Can’t you just see him demanding each person in his administration to recite: I pledge allegiance to the Don and who cares about America.

Remember that absurd suck-up round table of his cabinet where he had each one swear their love and devotion to him?

Despite Obama’s warning, that Mike Flynn was potentially compromised because of his dealings with Russia, Flynn’s loyalty landed him the plum position of heading the NSA. The Don probably just humored Obama, all the while thinking, I can’t believe this guy was president, and appointed Flynn anyway. Let’s stop for a moment and take that in: The President chose to put someone in the position of head of our national security that was suspected of being compromised by the Russians. That’s like having the guy who robbed your home renting a room in your house. Now that’s loyalty!

OMFG TRUMP - Home Burglar.jpg

Then there is prince Jared who is in charge of everything from the opioid problem to brokering a peace deal in The Middle East. Placing a man who knows nothing in charge of these monumentally important issues is not only absurd but is irresponsible; it does nothing toward advancing these agendas; it is a degradation of our country, a disservice to the world and insult to those that suffer from addiction. The only thing Jared has going for him is his loyalty.

Jeff Sessions, The Don’s most loyal soldier during the campaign, and the one who is insidiously carrying out the Don’s despicable immigration policies and leading the assault on civil rights of gay, transgender and African Americans, is now on The Don’s shit list, because he recused himself from the Russia investigation and can’t protect him. Now Sessions, The Once Loyal but now Disloyal, is like an impacted tooth that needs to be extracted.

But loyalty is at a premium in the debacle of the West Wing. Spicie is gone. Priebus is kaput. And even Scaramouch, whose antics could be described as loco loyalty has been sent packing.

Even the spineless Republican Senate has started to turn its back on The Don, forcing his hand on Russian sanctions, defying odds by discussing a bipartisan fix of Obamacare and even making it impossible for The Don to put a new AG in place, should The Don be crazy enough to fire Jeff Sessions during the August recess.

As for Paul Ryan and his Republican cronies in the House, they are so spineless that they are devolving in to invertebrates.

OMFG TRUMP - Black Widow.jpg

To those recalcitrant Senators, The Don has responded by claiming congress is acting in an unconstitutional manner claiming “our relationship with Russia is at an all time low and very dangerous” and he railed against an ineffective Senate for its inability to repeal and replace Obamacare, a plan that he knows nothing about.

His response to the antics of blocking his ability to hire a new AG during recess, was to tantrum and rumor has it that he did damage to the White House, which he now refers to as the Dump House.

Since The Don can’t get his own house in order, he will make sure it at least looks nice and is particularly excited to bring a bit of Trump Towers to D.C. by installing his golden toilet bowls in the West Wing. He also plans to bring his fabulous undocumented plumbers (third world plumbers are the best as they have sewage everywhere!) to make sure there are no leaks, ever, ever, ever, as he can’t trust Jeff Sessions to ferret out the leakers, as he might recuse himself.

The Don discouraged by the disloyalty went to West Virginia where he is loved, loved, loved. There he was greeted with adoring devotees still chanting: “lock her up.” They held up Trump and Fence signs (I mean wall… I mean Pence) and listened to him rant about how the Russia thing was a hoax and just sour grapes on the part of the Democrats because they lost the election. “Have you seen any Russians in west Virginia,” he said mockingly, as he whipped up the crowd? Then he went on to serve up the Republicans, belittling them for not delivering on a health care plan that would have deprived many of the people cheering for him insurance. Go figure.

He pandered to his audience by tweeting that transgender individuals were not allowed in the military. They loved his comments about the police “roughing” up suspects. They chanted his name when he talked about immigration reform and the wall. They danced in the aisle when he said he was going to do great things for them, like give huge tax breaks to the rich. (Well, he didn’t say that but they are so smitten they probably would have cheered anyway!) They applauded the great swamp drainer. It was exhilarating. It was like the inaugural ball all over again. If being president was just getting partisan crowds to cheer for you it would be so golden.

When the rally was over The Don turned to his new Chief of Staff, former overseer of Guantanamo Bay, General John Kelly and remarked that the people in West Virginia were his kind of people. Back in the day when he was the talk of New York, when he was scoring with the babes, ripping people off, borrowing money from Russian and Chinese Banks, declaring bankruptcy four times, being sued and suing everyone, he was king.

Yeah he was going off to his golf resort in New Jersey for a well -needed respite, from the disloyal animals in D.C. They didn’t appreciate him. They didn’t understand his genius, his greatness; they didn’t want to embrace him as king. There were just too many stupid rules in Washington. In his business life there were no rules-just winning at any cost. And he is a winner. And the people of West Virginia appreciate what a winner he is. And he will win, win, win for them.

Looking out at the crowd as they headed to the parking lot The Don became forlorn. These are my people, he said once again to Kelly. I’ve made a decision. After my vacation we are moving the West Wing to West Virginia. I want you to set a command station there. It will be like the military. I just love hanging with the generals.We will have a bunker and everything. And we will be protected from Robert Mueller. If he comes after me here, “in the land I love”, the people that love me will know what to do.

OMFG TRUMP - Mueller Time.jpg

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