Bail to The Chief

With The Don banished, silenced on Twitter and other social media, and left only to spread lies about his golf game, this was the time to cut the head off the orange snake. After all, the snake was being served up on a platter with the sign: Convict and Banish.

Mitch McConnell, a snake of different color, saw an opportunity to lead the beheading. In his conniving manner, he intimated he would be willing to consider bringing the ax down. But a funny thing happened. Talk of challenging his leadership role spooked him and he joined 44 other Republicans to try to cancel the trial completely. The “Grim Reaper” also wanted to avoid a scenario where his cronies would publicly be on record with their vote, as for now, big business has decided they won’t throw money into Republican coffers for supporting the “Big Lie” and failure to denounce The Don’s actions. (We will see how long that lasts!)

Though there is precedent for impeachment trials after a public official leaves office, the Republicans decided to continue their odious sycophancy. And anyway, what’s all the hubbub about instigation of an insurrection. Just a few dead police officers (two by suicide), 140 injured, confederate flags carried through the halls of the Capitol, a guy wearing an Auschwitz t-shirt, threats to lawmakers lives and and a lively chant of “hang Mike Pence” for good measure. As I said, what’s all the hubbub?

In fact, The Don’s legal team decided to jump ship because he insisted that they use the “they stole the election defense.” Imagine arguing that the election was a fraud, stolen from The Don, so it was his right to incite a riot to take back what was properly his. So in other words, “Yeah, he did it, but you can’t steal stuff from people and not expect someone to fight back!”

Let’s face it folks, if many Republicans are still propagating the “Big Lie,” that Biden is an illegitimate president, and instigating an insurrection against your own government doesn’t rise to the level of convict and banish, then any hope of sanity and unity is gone.

When members of congress do not feel safe in their work place because of  menacing colleagues, we have arrived at a dark place.

At a press conference Nancy Pelosi, someone who was a target of the rioters, stated it very clearly: “The enemy is within.”

This quote from A.O.C. directed at Ted Cruz regarding their mutual support of the anti-Wall street populism of the “Game Stop” stock extravaganza says it all.

“I am happy to work with Republicans on this issue where there’s common ground, but you almost had me murdered 3 weeks ago so you can sit this one out,” she responded. “Happy to work w/ almost any other GOP that aren’t trying to get me killed. In the meantime if you want to help, you can resign.” Talk about speaking truth to power!

Cruz, the poster child for unity, response was to cry foul and state that A.O.C.’s anger stoked further division.

Mr. Unity, what have you got to say about fellow Republican, Qanon lady, Marjorie Taylor Greene, who, in an October 2020 video surfaced recently by Mother Jones,  said that the “only way you get your freedoms back is it’s earned with the price of blood.”

What’s that I hear? Umm! Thought so. So you can take your cry for unity and shove it up your ass. You are scum. A sniveling, conniving, morally bankrupt opportunist who gives a shit about no one but yourself and desire for power. And that goes for you too, Josh Hawley.

Lady Q has also repeatedly claimed in multiple videos and social media posts that several school shooting massacres were “false flag” events perpetrated by government officials in an attempt to drum up support for gun control laws. 

Lady Q has implicated anti-Semitic conspiracy theories that a Jewish owned international investment banking firm, Rothschild, Inc. was somehow involved in creating the devastating fires in California this past summer and suggested the fire was caused by a beam from “space solar generators.” 

Cori Bush, a black, newly elected congresswomen from St. Louis, felt so threatened by Lady Q, that she asked for her office, which was located next to Lady Q’s, to be moved.

And then there is Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Leader, making a pilgrimage to Mar-a-Lago, to lick the soles of The Don’s shoes to ask for forgiveness for ever turning against him. McCarthy’s response to the dangerous conspiracy theory Q Lady was to appointment her to the Education Committee, where she will promote curriculum that promulgates theories that the Jews are behind everything that is wrong with America and for that matter, the world. Heil Hitler, sister Q.

Let’s imagine that conversation K.M.’s conversation with The Don:

K.M. Mr. President.

The Don: It’s about time you showed up. I had you on my list of who to primary.

K.M. Mr. President, Mr. President, I don’t know what got into me. Maybe I was drugged by A.O.C. Marjorie told me that I must have been zapped by a mind control laser beam sent by some Jew that rearranged my thoughts. Do you forgive me? Please forgive me, Mr. President. We need you. You are our fearless leader.

The Don: On your hands and knees Kevin.

K.M. But Mr. Pres..

The Don: Shut up and lick.

K.M: But Mr. Pres…

The Don: Shut up and lick…thatta boy.

K.M. Mr. President. Why are you pulling down your pants?

The Don: Remember all that talk about the pee tapes in the Steele report in the hoax Russia investigation? Well they were true!

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