Ready or Not, Here We Come!

With the events of this week so shocking, let’s not forget the greatest criminal act of The Don’s presidency is his perpetuation of a genocide of neglect when it comes to the response to Covid-19. We have now almost 360,000 deaths and in the last 9 days, 2 million new infections (that we know of) have been documented. The vaccine roll out is highly problematic and no matter how diligent Joe Biden and his crew is we are so behind the eight ball they some are now predicting as many as 1 million deaths by the end of May.

So here we have it. The extraordinary climax of the four- year reality show called: “Make America Great Again.”

You must admit it was a whopper. Cast of thousands, great costumes, violence, looting, profanity and in an ironic twist, endless incriminating selfies that will make finding the characters as easy as to find as one, two three. Rumor has it that the trials resulting from these arrests will spawn another “Law and Order” spinoff called: Law and Order: Sedition

With just a dozen more days to go to the end of The Don’s presidency, will there be another surprise episode? There is already talk in the ranks of loyalists about more actions to come before the inauguration of Joe Biden on January 20th, so stay tuned.

 I must admit I am hoping the networks will cover the F.B.I.’s midnight raids to the homes of the thugs who violated federal law. And please, pretty- please, make sure when they are arraigned, they are wearing those inspiring Viking costumes.

After weeks of The Don promulgating lies and conspiracies theories about election fraud, his continual unwillingness to concede, his refusal to participate in a peaceful transition of power and his urging of his supporters to show up to Washington D.C.  ready to “have a wild time,” why would anyone be shocked about what happened?

For four years we have heard how shocking The Don’s statements and actions have been.

For four years we have heard how the man was not fit for office.

For four years we have heard how he has defiled and stained the presidency.

For four years we have watched him dismantle the very government he was elected to lead in order to consolidate his power.

For four years he has used his office to profit in direct, in-your-face violations of the Emolument’s Clause.

For four years he has tried to subvert the constitution.

For four years he has embraced White Supremacists and espoused racist ideology.

For four years the Republican party made a bargain with him, placating his every whim, feeding his grandiosity. And for their final act, these traitorous Republicans allowed and supported the lie that the election was a fraud, stoking the flames of his supporters to the point that storming the Capitol to make things right made sense to them!

What was shocking was the ease at which the insurrectionists entered the Capitol. When one of my friends texted me, exhorting me to turn on the news, I must admit, the first thing I did was laugh. Laugh? In hindsight, I think the laughter was born of an inability to deal with the dread I felt, but my first impression was that I was watching a strange Toga party that matched that great scene in “Animal House.” Strange people walking around in costumes, taking selfies with police officers and general mayhem. All that was missing was the conga line!

The reality is that we are fortunate that only one police officer was killed and no member of the House or Senate was injured or killed. A more coordinate effort could have led to hostage taking and many more casualties.

Given the known threat, it was beyond comprehension that there wasn’t a massive police and National Guard presence to prevent this. It was like the police were standing at the door and asking people: “Do you have a ticket for this event?” Meanwhile, back at the oval office, The Don, according to reports ( one by Senator Ben Sasse), was enjoying the spectacle on TV. For him it was a great tribute to their love and loyalty to him. There was no thought or frankly concern about the danger that he unleashed.

Comparisons by the right wing media to a BLM protest is outrageous but not surprising. It goes without saying, that if this insurrection was populated with blacks, it would have been a bloodbath.

The Don’s aspirations for the presidency started with the racist lie about Barack Obama’s legitimacy and ended with another lie- that the election was stolen, particularly by black people who voted illegitimately in battle ground states- inspiring an insurrection by White Supremacists.

A full accounting of the failure to protect the Capitol will show widespread complicity and collusion up the chain of command, including the Secretary of Defense, who would not order the National Guard to get involved.

Ultimately, when the history books are written, I hope those who are complicit with The Don, are treated with the same critical eye as The Don himself. In my mind, they are the ones truly responsible for what has happened these four years. The Don is just one profoundly disturbed man. He lacks empathy, and is amoral at his core. To be amoral means a complete absence of a conscience: there is just emptiness and a need to fulfill his desires without any concern about the consequences of his actions.

His Republican enablers were the original mob. At any point, they could have stopped him. They are immoral men and women who allowed an amoral man free reign. To be immoral is to know the different between right and wrong and decide that supporting what is unconscionable is worth the reward. You need go no further than to sit with the fact that an entire party was silent while The Don and his evil partner in crime, Stephen Miller, separated children from their parents- some never to be reunited.

After the madness of the insurrection, when calm was restored, our elected officials went back to the business of doing their jobs and certified Joe Biden’s election to be the 46th president.

One would assume that after their lives felt threatened and the house of our democracy was invaded on the orders of the president and his henchmen, with the marauders yelling “Hang Pence,” that the Republicans would finally take a stand and separate themselves from him. But still 6 senators and 120 members of the House of Representatives continued to challenge the veracity of the election.

And what of the right- wing media? Was this a bridge too far? (I know silly question.)

And what of Republicans in general? A snap YouGov poll found that 45 percent of Republicans approved of the storming of the Capitol.

New conspiracies spawned. If you look really carefully you can see that the majority of people in this rally were really ANTIFA. And for that matter, why stop at that? Maybe the rioters were BLM people wearing whiteface?

Our loveable and long lost hockey mom, Sarah Palin, even weighed in.

“To any insincere, fake DC ‘patriots’ used as PLANTS — you will be found out.”

We always knew that Mrs., “I can see Russia from my house,” isn’t the brightest, but shit she sure knows a plant when she sees one. When asked about what kind of plants were there, she responded: “You know, the usual ones. “The usual ones,” responded the reporter? “Yeah, those.” “Can you name one, asked the reporter?” I don’t know, umm, plants, a stupid plant, like Daisies. Now get out of my way. I need to text my kid who is ransacking Nancy Commie Pelosi’s desk as we speak. Want to see a selfie of him with one of the police offers who gave him the keys to Nancy’s office. God, I wish I could have been there.”

Which way do we go, America? Your guess is as good as mine.

Below some scenes from the insurrection.

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