Don and The Tiny Desk

In the world of make-believe that The Don inhabits, these two things are true:

Despite no evidence of fraud in the election and losses in the courts piling up like Autumn leaves in the backyard, The Don continues to cry foul.

Despite nearly 200,000 newly diagnosed cases and 2,000 deaths a day, The Don plays golf and shows more interest in his tee shot than he does in the devastating loss of life, the shuttering of countless businesses, tens of millions of people struggling with food insecurity, and millions on the verge of being evicted from their homes.

Everything you need to know about this amoral man can be found in the above.

A world of lies to create his own reality and a profound contempt and disregard for others. More concern for his follow-through on his golf swing than his follow-through on a plan to address the above.

Ponder this: If The Don had won, his disdainful callousness to the suffering of the people of our country would continue undeterred with catastrophic consequences. With presidential power, his penchant for vindictiveness and his petty need for revenge, maybe he would decide that only those who voted for him could get the vaccine? Crazy? Not really. He already threatened to deprive New York State of the vaccine.

“You’re from New York? NEXT!!!”

The Don is a monster who in his four years as president did enormous damage; another 4 years would have burnt the house down. Luckily, for us and the world, he doesn’t get that chance.

The fact that millions still cling to the delusion that he is their great champion and defender is dangerous, but also so sad. How do we convince these people, who mindlessly believe in him, that just like his disdain for members of the military (“losers”), that he has disdain for them, too?

His revulsion and inability to tolerate any hint of his own vulnerability compels him to project this disdain on to anyone who is not successful- a winner. His “I love uneducated people” translates into: You are such low-lifes and fools; expendable, of no value. It is only your connection to me that gives you value. Without me you are worthless, nothing. I would never be caught dead with any of you anywhere.

Despite his struggle to retain his relevancy and keep his believers tethered to him, he gets smaller and smaller with each passing day. The monster is losing its powers: Beneath the roar of tweets claiming he won, he knows he has lost. Each ridiculous attempt by Rudy G. to hold court and hurl false claims diminishes The Don day by day. As he flails about, looking for a way to loom large, his puny hands are coming into focus more and more. The monster is shrinking before our eyes.

And that brings us to “Don and the Tiny Desk.”

The Don decided to have a press conference at a desk more likely to be used by a second grader.

When I saw the photo, I became preoccupied with whether or not this was just stupidity and obliviousness to the symbolism of it or whether or not there was an angry staffer who wanted his/her own revenge and somehow managed to make this happen.

What a great idea: Let’s put the president, who finds the “Resolute Desk” not worthy of him, behind a desk that his knees don’t fit under. Those great minds were part of the brain trust that ran the country. And how did the man consumed with his image and obsessed with reality show stagecraft, allow this to happen? How did Mr. Bigly allow everyone to see that he really is Mr. Small?

Despite this humiliating visual, The Don was true to form, raging at everything. But coming from behind that desk, it just all seemed so puny, an oversized child having a tantrum.

He lost it when a reporter asked him a question about his continual claims that the election was a fraud.

“Don’t talk to me that way. You’re just a lightweight. Don’t talk to me that way. I’m the president of the United States. Don’t ever talk to the president that way.”

For four years we have listened to this bully berate and belittle. Here is what I wish the reporter had replied:

“I have taken your shit for 4 years, and frankly, I am not taking it anymore. You know who you are? You are a lame duck. Getting less important every day.”

“If you’re the president, why are you sitting behind that little boy desk? And look at those hands! Marco Rubio was right.

You know what you are? You are a thug. You are lying murdering cheat who has embarrassed our country.

“You are a shallow, sham of a man, with no soul.”

“Hands down, you are the worst president in the history of this country.”

“Who’s the lightweight now?”

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