This Is It!

This is my last piece before the election. It is hard to believe that an off-the-cuff challenge by a student of mine, who admonished me to “stop whining about the horror of The Don’s victory and do something,” inspired the writing of this blog.

Writing has served two purposes for me: Documenting this disturbing and challenging time, and an opportunity for catharsis, a therapeutic necessity. I needed a way to organize the chaos, create a personal resistance, and get rid of the poison that is The Don.

Honestly, I never thought I would be engaged in this for four years! But here we are, a week before an election with existential consequences. The horror of this presidency and the pathology of this malignant narcissist has led us to an unimaginable place.

The callousness, cruelty, incompetence, racism, misogyny, transphobia, Islamophobia, science denying, pathological lying, criminality, dismantling of our democratic institutions and divisiveness has brought us to the precipice and constitutes a profound reckoning of who we are as a country.

Never did I think that elected officials of the Republican Party would abdicate and acquiesce in an unfathomable display of heinous sycophancy to this amoral man, abandoning any regard for the checks and balances built into the constitution.

Never did I expect an Attorney General to be personal water boy and consigliere for this criminal.

Never have we seen the level of corruption and criminality that has occurred in an administration.

 We now live in a country where 545 children may never be reunited with their parents because of a heinous, inhuman immigration policy. The Don’s comment about it during the most recent debate was: “They are so well taken care of. They’re in facilities that were so clean.” If you are a parent, who has ever been separated from you child for a minute, stop and recall the panic you experienced. I don’t know about you, but that comment enraged me but also sent chills through me. I am surprised he didn’t say it was the Mar-a-Lago of concentration camps!

We now live in a country where a president encourages and supports White Supremacists groups like the “Proud Boys,” thinks conspiracy theories spouted by QAnon are fine (After all, they are against pedophiles!), and has nothing to say when a White militia group is foiled in a plot to kidnap and perhaps execute a sitting governor.

We now live in a country that has become the object of pity all over the world. As I have often said, the idea of American exceptionalism has always been a myth, as we are a country that was built on the original sins of the destruction of an indigenous people and the institution of slavery which we have yet come to terms with. And now, because of The Don’s narcissism, denial of science, cruelness and incompetence, we have created a nightmare scenario in which we have the most cases and deaths from the coronavirus and no real plan to manage it. In other words, we are exceptional in our failure.

To listen to this odious man tell the American people that the end of the pandemic is around the corner, while it rages all over the country (We just recorded the highest amount of cases on any given day and it continues to grow) is enraging. To hear him continue to mock people wearing masks, to see him hold rallies for seniors where there is no socially distancing or mask wearing is deadly, and the work of man the devil would call a friend.

I have said this before and will say it now: The Don is engaging in behavior that will kill people. He’s like the bartender who keeps serving you drinks and then tells you to have a nice drive home.

His need for adulation and attention are all that matter. Human life is cheap.

I recently heard Mary Trump tell a story that says it all. When Don’s grandnephew was born he was a high risk infant needing special care. Soon after the child’s birth, The Don’s father died and a lawsuit was filed by other family members; they claimed The Don had manipulated his father in to changing his will to benefit him. Mr. Vengeance exacted his revenge by cancelling the newborn’s health insurance. (It was restored by a judge.)

Now he and his Republican cronies (through the Supreme Court) are on the precipice of repealing Obama Care in the middle of a pandemic leaving 20 million Americans without healthcare with nothing to replace it because of his grievances against the president who created it.

Four more years will break us, and do irreparable damage to this country. Any hope that we can move forward to embrace the ideals of equality will be destroyed.

The next time we meet, Election Day will have passed. However, there is a good chance the outcome of the election won’t be official for days after. My sense is that unless it is a landslide (and maybe even then), The Don will contest the outcome. Voter suppression is glaringly out in the open, foreign influences are clearly engaged in disruption, and The Don has set the stage for challenging the validity of mail-in ballots.

And while The Don foments and tries to burn down the house, the Princess of Darkness, Ivanka, is campaigning for him, trying to get back some of those suburban housewives (his words) who have decided to abandon him. The Don is so desperate for their return to the fold that he recently pleaded at a rally: “Please suburban women, will you please like me?”.

How quaint. While hospitals overflow, infection rates soar and the bodies pile up, the Princess of Darkness, finds time to get all cozy and talk about ice cream with Wisconsinites.

“I learned that the first ice cream sundae was created in this amazing state!”

You just love your ice cream as “Wisconsinites eat 21 million gallons of ice cream a year.” And do you know that “My children, upon hearing this, want to move to Wisconsin. So, the Kushners might be coming to town!”

When The Don loses, my hope is that he and his fellow family of criminals will go to jail. But if not, maybe they will be banished to some small rural Trump world town, and be forced to drive a Mr. Softee Truck.


  1. Thank you for this blog about Fat Donny. This has definitely been the longest four years of my life. If he cheats and wins, I just don’t know if I will be around to watch this beautiful country become a third world dictatorship.


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