Tale of Two Viruses: Part 33

Guess what? The Don didn’t win the Nobel Peace prize. It was a tough decision. The U.N., who The fly took residence on Pence’s hair like it was an Airbnb.helped feed 100 million people around the world, or The Don, whose heinous response to the pandemic continues to increase the number of Americans with food insecurity? He also planned to cut food stamps to 700,00 people, but decided to reverse course, due to heavy opposition and a decision by a federal judge. Just another example of the world’s lack of appreciation of The Don.

As predicted in my last piece, The Don emerged from his battle with Covid-19 more emboldened than ever. The NY Times reported that he said, he would fake a frail walk at first, then open the shirt to reveal the iconic “S” insignia to demonstrate he was strong and free of the coronavirus, a superhero for the ages. Here is what he said when he left the hospital:

“Don’t let it dominate you. Don’t be afraid of it,” Trump said in a recorded video message. “We’re going back, we’re going back to work. We’re going to be out front. Don’t let it dominate your lives. Get out there, be careful.”

donald trump as superman

I thought Superman was supposed to protect people, not give them license to do things that could harm them. Where’s kryptonite when you need it?

The Don learned so many things about the virus, and promised us that he would reveal his wisdom to the American people. And what were these wise words he uttered while standing on the balcony of the White House? “It’s going to disappear. It is disappearing.”

While the virus continues to ravage our country and as cases rise throughout much of the country, The Don declared himself immune. And since he is now cured and immune what’s the worry as only he matters.

Pivoting from the virus, he tried to distract us by ranting and raving that Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden should go to jail! Methinks there is a case of major projection going on here, as if The Don loses the election, it is he who will be going to jail.

donalt trump getting arrested

His desperate antics keep peeling away voters and he can see the handwriting on the wall. (Now there’s a wall I can get behind!) If Biden goes to jail, then he won’t have to run against him and can run against the “Monster,” Kamala Harris. Me thinks there is a case of projection going on here, as we all know who the monster is.

The real monster suddenly decided that he wouldn’t support any relief package for Americans who are hurting from the impact of the virus. In particular, the monster wants no relief for all the blue states that don’t love him. (He then changed his mind because is precious stock market went down, not because he gives two shits about anyone’s suffering.)

The real monster did not condemn an attempted kidnapping of Michigan Governor, Whitman, by White Supremacists. All he could say is that she didn’t thank him for “his FBI” who thwarted the plot- an FBI that he has demeaned and undermined throughout his presidency.  Let’ slow that down: A governor of our country is the subject of a kidnapping and his response is to feel aggrieved that she didn’t thank him. Rumor has it that he was disappointed in the botched mission. “Man, those Boogaloo Boys need to get their act together,” he lamented to one of the few people left in the White House who would go near him, fearing infection.

He is a monster because he is even incapable of protecting those that do stand by him, unconcerned that he is exposing them to a deadly virus.

And then we have the fly that decided to hangout on Mike Pence’s head during the debate with Kamala, the “Monster.”

Have you ever seen a fly just sit on top of someone’s head for so long? It was like Pence’s head was the fly’s Airbnb. After all, besides booking a place in a mound of dog shit, Pence’s perfectly coifed silver hair was a pretty good choice. Given Pence’s passivity and capacity for acquiescence in putting up with The Don’s amoral actions, the fly hit the jackpot. When does a fly get a chance to sit on a human’s head without being swatted at, shooed away?  If you looked closely, you could see the fly putting on some white goop: the fly had read in the amenities section of the Airbnb that anything black was frowned upon. When asked to rate its experience, the fly gave it a big thumb’s up. “Just loved the spot, like sleeping on silk sheets.  Just wish I didn’t have to try to hide my blackness.”

fly on mike pence's head vice presidential debate

The fly went on:

“But there was a great view of a beautiful black human that I stared at the entire time. At one point I debated taking off and flying over to her, but she seemed strong and powerful and maybe wouldn’t have been so happy having me nesting in her hair. I heard her say: “they’re coming for you.” (Referring to taking away pre-existing conditions.) Then I heard him say: The president was right. She is such a monster… a monster, a monster.’ “

I was aghast and outraged. Immediately, I changed my Airbnb rating to the lowest number. This man was the monster and this president, whoever he was, was even more of a monster. Here was this poised, warm, brilliant black woman outshining this white guy. In America, that stuff is not supposed to happen. The only way for the white guy to tolerate her superiority was to make her into an evil monster. I had enough. I flew off his head and went right over to her and buzzed in her ear and said: ‘This idiot thinks you are a monster.’ She smiled and said: “Maybe I should do what any monster worth its weight would do: Eat him. And with those words in my ear, I flew away.”

kamala harris with housefly

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