Tale of Two Viruses: Part 28

It was supposed to be a very, very, very beautiful event in Austin, Texas. A flotilla of boats regaling The Don. And then it wasn’t. Suddenly some big blue waves disrupted things and 4 of the boats capsized. The Coastguard came to the rescue and “Bring Your Boat for Trump Day” turned in to a fiasco. Could these blue waves be a metaphor for the coming election? The sinking of The Don and some of his cronies?  

The Don went from feeling buoyant to flaccid in less than 3 seconds. Rumor had it that an aide close by heard him say: “These people are such losers. They are an embarrassment to this country.”  

And then he went off in a fit if rage.

Dead people are losers, too. All that matters in life is what you can gain from a transaction. Whatever someone accomplished in their life is insignificant once they are dead.

People who have died from Covid 19 are also losers. They were weak. They were suckers for exposing themselves to the virus by being a front-line worker. What kind of idiot do you have to be to work in a meat packing plant? How do you even choose a job like that? Stinky. Bloody. Disgusting. And doctors taking care of Covid patients. What suckers you were and still are. Who exposes themselves to the sick and the dying. Suckers, total suckers!

The fact that people of color die of Covid at a rate of 2.5 times that of white people just shows that they are inferior. They have weak immune systems. They have all these pre-existing conditions because they live like barbarians and do not know how to take care of themselves. They are total losers. That’s why we need to champion white people, as they are superior. We need to expunge “Critical Race Theory” from the work place. Can you imagine teaching people how to be more accepting of black people? That will make white people weaker as we will have to surrender some of our power.

Whatever people say about John McCain he was a loser, too. So he got captured in a war and was tortured.  Remember when I said: “I like people who weren’t captured.” People actually laughed when I said that. But I was dead serious. What a waste to be imprisoned. What are you  gaining when you are trapped like a rat?

Let’s face it: Why would anyone sign up for the military? Bunch of know-nothing suckers and losers. My daddy gave me the idea for the bone-spur thing and then he sent me to a doctor who rubber-stamped it.

I just don’t get all this honoring of dead people. I was so annoyed when John Kelly asked me to accompany him to Arlington cemetery to visit his son’s grave. I was supposed to be playing golf that day. I also had a call with Putin scheduled for that day. But I went so I could look presidential. Good photo-op.

Remember when I had my parade? They wanted to bring vets who were wounded, you know, without legs, in wheel chairs, because they were paralyzed? What kind of parade is that? Who wants to see that? Yuck! I can’t even look at those people. They are such losers. I told the planners: no wheel chairs, no damn wheel chairs. No one-armed losers carrying the American flag.

People were shocked when they read the Atlantic magazine article describing The Don’s disdain for the military. But why would they be shocked? It started with John McCain; then the disparaging of Mr. Kahn, a gold star father; then his ghosting of the event in France honoring the dead during World War I because, according to some, the rain would mess up his hair. How about the lack of response to The Russians taking out bounties on American soldiers in Afghanistan? To this day, not even a peep?

What is all this disregard for human life about? What is all this disdain for disabled people about?

The Don is so deeply damaged. His witnessed grandiosity is a cover for his underlying fears of vulnerability and humiliation. Just being around someone who is disabled shakes him to the core. Unconsciously, he needs to do anything and everything possible to disconnect himself from anything or anyone that is perceived as damaged in order to protect him from his own weakness and self-loathing; by denigrating and attacking others’ vulnerabilities, he retains the delusion of invincibility: he projects onto others what he truly feels about himself. This is why he lacks empathy: feeling for another’s misfortune destabilizes him and makes him feel small and weak.

Everything we needed to know about The Don during the campaign became clear when he mocked and mimicked a reporter who suffered from disabilities. How does someone running for president do that to another person?

If you were a parent and your child did that, wouldn’t you be horrified? Would you vote for someone who has the capacity to do that? Over 60 million Americans did. The question is: Now that he has mocked soldiers as “losers and suckers”, does that make people think twice?  

Nothing, and no one, matters to The Don. That’s what makes him so dangerous. Dead people are a waste, and not a tear is shed when another 1,000 Americans die of Covid. America has lost 190,000 individuals to the virus and millions of people’s lives have been devastated by these losses. But for The Don: “It is what it is?” Isn’t it remarkable the The Don (with the complicity of the Republican party) are running a campaign where the pandemic is barely mentioned, except to create a false narrative of a heroic rescue by The Don with a premature release of a vaccine to attempt to bolster his re-election chances? Why should it, as death doesn’t matter.


  1. November 3rd can’t come fast enough. Can you imagine what a 2nd term of this guy would be like? The 1st term was sooooooo much worse they anyone could have imagined. Hope your passport is up to date.


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