The Tale of Two Viruses: Part 19

To witness The Don double down on White Supremacy this week was not surprising, but still unnerving. He continues to promulgate the strong-man trope that the great white man in the White House is all that stands between the American people and total chaos.

And why not? He rode that horse to victory in 2016 and with people out on the streets protesting police brutality, inequality and that Black Lives Matter, it is time for the white man to put down the dangerous insurrection.

He decried the tearing down of monuments that were specifically built to memorialize the confederacy’s embrace of slavery, threatening to have anyone involved arrested and prosecuted.

He is opposed to the military changing the names of bases which glorify the confederacy.

He retweeted a video of one of his supporters at a retirement community in Florida yelling “White power!” during what appeared to be an angry clash over the president and race among white residents in the community. He deleted the tweet about three hours after posting it, and a White House spokesman said Mr. Trump had not heard the man make the “white power” statement.

The president thought the old geezer yelled “white powder,” said an aide who requested anonymity. “You know, like baking soda or flour. The man was trying to bake a cake and he was out of baking soda, so he yelled it out rather than knocking on his neighbor’s door to increase his chances of someone lending him some. Old people just need their cake!”

When asked why The Don didn’t condemn the sentiment once he understood what his supporter said, the aide replied: “He’s a white supremacist, silly!”

The Don also retweeted a photo of a couple from an affluent part of St. Louis sporting weapons at protesters. The same aide explained that: “Hey look, you are sitting on your porch minding your own business and a bunch of black people are walking nearby. What would you do?”


The confluence of his White Supremacy and narcissism was on full display at the 4th of July celebration at the foot of Mt. Rushmore. In the face of a pandemic, The Don, with the blessing of the South Dakota governor, decided to hold this event on land that was purloined from Native Americans; and to add to the spectacle, he insisted on fireworks in the pine forest around Rushmore in the middle of fire season. I will give him credit for one thing: He didn’t say his greatness would make him the 5th president to be carved in to the mountain. (Buy you know it took every once of restraint not to!) But that didn’t stop his campaign of producing a photo with his image on to the monument.


The two things that are known to slow the spread of the virus, social distancing and wearing masks, were completely absent from the event. Like with his rally in Tulsa during Juneteenth, at a site 1 mile from the horrific destruction of the Greenwood neighborhood known as Black Wall Street, The Don poured salt on the nation’s deep wounds, flouting White Supremacy.

“Our nation is witnessing a merciless campaign to wipe out our history, defame our heroes, erase our values and indoctrinate our children. Angry mobs are trying to tear down statues of our founders, deface our most sacred memorials and unleash a wave of violent crime in our cities.”

And to that I say damn straight we are! Our history of slavery?  Poor Jefferson Davis toppling to the ground? Poor white people with all the power who don’t want to share it? Time to tell the truth to our children about the atrocities perpetrated on Native Americans and black and brown people? A violent wave of crime in our city? You mean the police killing black men?

In the face of a raging pandemic across the country, The Don barely mentioned the tragic deaths and the devastating health crisis during his rally. He continues to live in a fantasy land; just two days before the event at Rushmore, he declared that the virus is “going to sort of just disappear, I hope.”

Can someone explain what “sort of disappear” means? Is that what happens during a magic trick when something miraculously vanishes in plain sight, even though you know it is somewhere? Have you ever heard a doctor say: “I think you sort of have cancer”? While you hope and “sort of” our country has no plan to deal with the pandemic. 130,000 deaths and counting and you act like a child who covers his eyes when he doesn’t want to see things and pretend it is not there.


Guess what Don? The virus is not going to “sort of ” disappear, nor will the will of the people.  The virus is your greatest stain (among many) and your delusion and denial of this horrendous wrecking ball of death will be the wrecking ball that brings down your presidency.

Your denial of the meaning of the protests and of America’s great stain of slavery,  and your delusion that like a plantation owner of yore, you can eradicate it, is the wrecking ball that brings down your presidency.

A great reckoning is coming! “But I know, but I know, a change is gotta to come. Ooo, yes it is.” Amen!

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