The Tale of Two Viruses: Part 13

First, a little Clorox to clean the soul, then some UV light, for some insight, and now a dose of hydroxy (chloroquine) for some moxie.

The Don’s declaration during one of his Bozo the Clown press conferences, that he was doing hydroxy as a preventive, like some club drug, was another page in “How irresponsible and stupid can you be?”

But wait. Was this spontaneous admission that he was taking hydroxy true? Who knows. But hey, why not once again hype a drug already to have no known impact on the virus, but that does have serious side effects, particularly on morbidly obese individuals with heart issues? This is what he said about taking it:

“I’m not going to get hurt by it. It has been around for 40 years for malaria, for lupus, for other things. I take it. Front-line workers take it. A lot of doctors take it.”

If you are a doctor please raise your hand if you are doing hydroxy, as I want to report you to the licensing board so your license to practice medicine can be revoked. (Since that inane statement Lancet, a world renowned medical journal, published a study, which included 96,000 Covid-19 patients and found that not only was it ineffective, but people taking it had a higher mortality rate!)

Didn’t you just love Nancy Pelosi’s statement of concern that our president was “morbidly obese.” When asked about this comment she said: “I gave him a dose of his own medicine. He’s called women one thing or another over time, and I thought he thinks that passes off as humor in certain cultures,”

I know Nancy talks about praying for the president: she has high moral standards, but she is also very clever. Remember The Don’s State of the Union address when she mocked him while ostensibly praising him with applause. Well, maybe her taunting him about his health was a coy ploy to get him to double the dosage in defiance. Prod The Don to show her how the healthiest 73 year old in the world, was invincible.

Say it out loud, say it proud to your doped-up masses (remember the new polling saying that 45 percent of Protestants believe that The Don was God’s idea?)  Liberate them and send them out with their guns to storm pharmacies so they can get some of that good stuff.


Even old reliable Fox News had to defy The Don and say “Um no, don’t do that.”  Their disloyalty ticked him off and he pined for the good ole days of Roger Ailes and his sexual assault bandits. Even Fox has its limits regarding how many people it wants to die.

But let’s return to whether The Don is even taking the drug. Many doubt it.  How disturbed do you have to be to say you are taking a drug that is dangerous, when you are not? And why? Because you were angry at Dr. Bright’s testimony to Congress regarding the drug’s lack of efficacy? It’s like a parent telling a two year old not to eat dog shit, but in a fit of obstinacy and defiance, he shovels it in to his mouth. That’ll show you, nervous Nancy.

OMFG-TRUMP-baby shit

During the press conference, The Don had to remind the nation that even though he was doing an infomercial about the drug, he didn’t own the company. But the government did buy 29 million doses.

Let’s move from the world of drugs that can kill you, to the no federal guideline plan to “Open up America” or from my point of view “Open Up the Veins of America.” In the parlance of harm reduction, you make sure people who are cutting themselves are doing it safely-not cutting too deep or near a vein. The maxim is: If you are going to cut because you are compelled to, be intentional and careful; the same strategy should be employed for opening up the country. The bottom line is that The Don doesn’t care how many people cut their veins and bleed out as long as they are out there showing the world that America is opening up.

All over the country essential workers at meat processing plants and other businesses, where density of workers is a serious problem, positive cases are erupting like wildfire. Lacking national guidelines puts workers lives in jeopardy.

Workers are pawns whose lives do not matter; the majority of these workers are black and brown.  They are widgets in a system that wants to protect businesses against law suits when forcing workers to go to work and cancelling their unemployment if they refuse; the rich Republican business men are as much behind the reopening as the freedom fighters are. American greed and capitalism to its rotten core.

As far as interesting new twists in The Don’s version of “Survivor,” how about certain nursing homes refusing to release infection rates because it would be bad publicity for business. Um, but what happens if you have harbored fantasies of matricide for an abusive mother and have finally find a legal way to do the deed? I call foul.

Or how about The Don’s Secretary of Health Alexander Azar blaming black people for having pre-existing conditions that exacerbate the impact of the virus increasing death totals. The numbers are inflated because of those people. What nerve!

Or what of The Don’s threat to withhold federal money for the epidemic from Michigan and a few other states run by Democratic governors if they go ahead with plans to support democracy by ensuring mail-in ballots. Is that Impeachment Part two? Like with Ukraine, quid pro quo? You stop the mail-in initiative or else you get no money?

The Don is so freaked out about the election that he has finally decided to use the full weight of the government, not for testing, but to have his base remove mailboxes in Democratic states so no one will receive a ballot.


Speaking of opening up veins, in a nod to his base, The Don declared that governors had to let religious institutions open up. Praise the Lord. Sing out. Spray your spirit. Have a wafer. Have some wine, the blood of Christ.

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