Stone Them

Let’s start with this question: Did Maine Senator Susan Collins really believe what she said when she stated The Don was “chastened” by impeachment? If she did, she should be voted out of office for stupidity?  For her lack of insight in to the nature of Malignant Narcissism? Suffering from a delusional disorder? You choose.

If Susan Collins was just doing Susan Collins- the hand wringing, the pretending to be a tortured soul of an independent mind- then she should be voted out for insincerity? Hypocrisy? Cowardice? You choose.

In essence, this was another Bret Kavanaugh moment for her. In the Kavanaugh debacle, somehow she managed to find compassion and acceptance for a rapist’s actions. Let’s make that two sexual predators actions, as The Don belongs to this club as well. The great defender of women’s rights? Women should vote her out.

Susan, I hope your tortured soul is keeping you up at night. Your lack of courage and duplicity (and all Republican Senators but Mitt Romney), and your ability to rationalize The Don’s behavior in Ukraine as not worthy of conviction, has enabled and unleashed a man with a rapacious appetite for power and vengeance. But somehow I am imagine you and your Republican cronies are sleeping fine.

Mature Woman Sleeping On Bed

Not a peep from you Susan as The Don does what he does best: turning things on its head by turning what he has called a “witch hunt” against him in to a witch hunt against anyone he feels has been disloyal and aggrieved him. Now that he has been unleashed, he is licking his lips as he has flipped “they are stoning me” into “they will pay for their transgressions and I will stone them.”

Here’s chastened for you:

“Ralph Waldo Emerson seemed to foresee the lesson of the Senate Impeachment Trial of President Trump. ‘When you strike at the King, Emerson famously said, “you must kill him.’ Mr. Trump’s foes struck at him but did not take him down


And King Don has started his purge and stone them campaign.

Adios Lt. Alex Vindman and his twin brother Yegevny for responding to a subpoena and telling the truth.

Adios Gordon Sondland. Even the million-dollar donation to The Don which got you the ambassadorship doesn’t protect you.

OMFG TRUMP - Vindman Bros.jpg

And Attorney General William Barr continues to interfere. He even has set up a separate intake process to receive information from Rudy G. who is still gathering information on Joe Biden and his son Hunter and their activities in Ukraine.

Here’s an imagined conversation between The Don and Barr.

The Don: What the hell do you think you are doing going on TV saying I am making it hard for you to do your job? I should fire you. No one who works for me goes on TV and trash talks me. No one. I could have your head for that. Understand, you chubby dufus?

Barr: Mr. President, you need to calm down and let me explain what’s going on here. Let’s go over the strategy we devised.

The Don: I can’t believe you trashed talked me!

Barr: Please Mr. President, hear me out. Let’s go back to the beginning. You need to trust me. You want your Roy Cohen, right?

The Don: I need him. No one fought as dirty as him.

Barr: Well, I can fight pretty dirty too. And I am pretty clever as well. Look how I took the Mueller investigation and made it seem that it was just, meh? Between me and you Mr. President, there was a lot of shit in there that was pretty damning but my summary vindicated you.

The Don: Yes, you did do that. But Barr, there was nothing damning in that report, so you better take that back.

Barr; But Mr. President…

The Don: Take it back.

Barr: Absolutely, Mr. President. Absolutely nothing damning in the Mueller report. The entire thing was a fantasy made up by a man out to get you.

The Don: Yes and now that I have been vindicated and consolidated my powers as King we should investigate Mueller. He’s a bad, vicious man who deserves the full force of my retribution.

Barr: I will look in to that.

The Don: I want Comey’s ass on a stick. And Barr, it really is time to lock up Hillary.

Barr: We are working on that case as we speak.

The Don: And what about McCabe. Aren’t we going to hear he is indicted any day?

Barr: Well, about that sir. It seems the investigation has not turned up enough evidence to pursue an indictment.

The Don: Are you shitting me? That man is a low life. Don’t you just love the fact that he was fired a day before he was eligible to get his pension? That result is unacceptable, I want another investigation.

Barr: Mr. President, not indicting McCabe is infuriating but it gives cover to our plan. Not indicting him gives the appearance of an independent DOJ. Now can we revisit the plan so we can get clear about it?

The Don: Make it fast as plans are for losers, but what was our plan?

Barr: If you remember, you instructed me to interfere with Roger’s case and Flynn’s as well.

OMFG TRUMP - Barr Get out of Jail Free.jpg

The Don: So?

Barr: So I am doing it, but you tweeting about it shines a spotlight on it and makes it seem that I am following your orders.

The Don: But you are following my orders. And if you didn’t…

Barr: You would have my head which is the kingly thing to do of course. But back to my point.

The Don: So what’s your point? I need to get ready for Hannity on Fox.

Barr: My point is I am doing what you want me to do, and you need to keep your thumbs quiet about it, as it complicates things.

The Don: I was just trying to give you a shout out for bringing justice to those who have been treated unfairly.

Barr: I understand Mr. President, and I appreciate it. I told you I would have to go on TV to refute the tweeting as it is bad optics. The public will think I am working for you, and even though I am working for you, I have to make it seem that I am not.

The Don: I don’t understand a word you are saying. Just double talk. Just free Stone and stone the rest of those bastards.

Barr: Your wish is my command, but please keep those thumbs in your pocket.

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