The Don’s Very, Very, Very Amazing Day

Remember The Don’s unwanted visit to Pittsburgh after the tragic shooting at the synagogue?

If you recall, the mayor asked him not to come.

Bend the Arc Pittsburgh, a progressive group, wrote an open letter to the president, saying, “President Trump, you are not welcome in Pittsburgh until you fully denounce white nationalism.”

Protestors lined the streets in opposition to him.

PA protest 3PA protest 2PA protest 1

Presidents are supposed to be Consolers-in-Chief, The Don is our great Divider-in Chief; his racist and divisive language was quoted by the synagogue shooter.

“This is an invasion of our Country and our Military is waiting for you!” Mr. Trump tweeted, referring to the migrants. The suspect in Pittsburgh posted a message on social media about the caravan shortly before the massacre, accusing Jews of bringing in “invaders” who were killing his people.

And let’s face it, the last place The Don wanted to be was in a place where he was unloved. Would it be surprising to find out that when he was told it would be a good idea to show up in Pittsburgh he might have said: “Do I really have to? Those people don’t vote for me.”

Feigning empathy and pretending to unite was such a depleting and blood sucking experience, that in short order, he was at a rally with his MAGA people where he could fill his vacant soul with adulation.

When asked if after visiting Pittsburgh, a city in mourning, he should have toned down his rhetoric he said:

“Rallies are meant to be fun, rallies are meant to be everything, and I said tone it down, and then you saw the group saying, ‘No, don’t tone it down! Don’t tone it down!’ So we had a great rally.”

More like tone-deaf. “Rallies are meant to be fun,” even if what you say has the impact of motivating someone to go in to a synagogue and shoot people and terrorize a community? Should I laugh now?

So in a scene out of Ground Hog’s Day, The Don, despite protestations, decided to make a visit a place he referred to as “Toledo,” (it was Dayton), Ohio and El Paso, Texas, sites of the most recent tragic shootings. (Come on Don, how pathetic are you that you can’t even get the name of the city of this awful tragedy right?)

The mayor asked him not to come.

The streets were lined with protestors who found his presence disturbing.

el paso protestel paso protest 3Ohio Shooting

Trump and the first lady visited University Medical Center of El Paso, where eight patients were still being treated, some of whom were in critical condition. All of them declined to meet with the president.

In fairness, Trump did speak with hospital staff, as well as two victims who had recently been discharged.

Then there was the photo-op, where The Don flashed is patented “thumbs up” at the cameras, while his Handmaid’s Tale wife, Melania, held the 2 month- old, Paul Achondo, whose parents were killed in the atrocity.

Rumor has it that when the crass, dehumanizing photo was being set up that they asked The Don to hold the baby. “I don’t do babies,” The Don said. “Especially, well, you know, those kinds. What would my base think of that?”

OMFG TRUMP - El Paso Orphan.jpg

What’s the thumbs-up for? What are we celebrating here? Where is the look of devastation, the look of horror and the tears for the fact that 2 month old Paul will never see his parents again? It’s not just cruel and tone deaf to make a photo-op out of this tragedy, it’s worse than that. It is the total like of capacity for empathy. But don’t feel so bad Paul, The Don would probably have no human reaction to the loss of his own grandchild, so don’t take it personally.

And that is what so scary: The transactional nature of it all. Two-month-old Paul as promotion: Infant Paul as nothing more than a symbol of the imagined greatness of a man, who, because of his inhumanity, dehumanizes others without a thought.

And just like in the aftermath of the tragedy in Pittsburgh- the moment of the photo-op faded- The Don returned to his antics by attacking presidential candidate, Beto O’Rourke (former congressman representing El Paso area and much loved.)

Prior to arriving in El Paso, The Don attacked Beto for calling out his White Supremacy.

“O’Rourke, who is embarrassed by my last visit to the Great State of Texas, where I trounced him, and is now even more embarrassed polling at 1% in the Democratic Primary, should respect the victims & law enforcement — & be quiet!”

He continued to disparage Beto while at the hospital.

“I was here three months ago, we made a speech. What was the name of the arena? That place was packed,” The Don trumpeted to the hospital staff.

“Then you had this crazy Beto,” Trump said. “Beto had like 400 people in a parking lot.” (Actually, estimates are that The Don had 6,500 in the arena and a few thousand outside, while Beto had approximately 7,000.)

No matter what the man is doing, The Don has to talk about the size of his penis! Will someone just give him a penis extension so he can finally have the biggest one!

The great divider and spreader of hate made a complete mockery of himself, but of course, in his delusional world, managed to come away feeling pretty good.

Here was his disturbing take away:

“The President was treated like a Rock Star inside the hospital, which was all caught on video. They all loved seeing their great President!”

“Fake News” media “worked overtime trying to disparage me and the two trips, but it just didn’t work. The love, respect & enthusiasm were there for all to see.”

“We had an amazing day,” he told reporters in El Paso. Of his earlier stop in Dayton, he said, “The love, the respect for the office of the presidency — I wish you could have been in there to see it.”

And like the scene in the Godfather where Michael and the family are at church baptizing their child, while the slaughter of the Corleone family enemies is carried out, The Don gave the “thumbs up” to baby Paul, while nearly 700 undocumented immigrants in Mississippi were rounded up separating young children from the parents.

Yes, Don you had a very, very, very amazing day!

Years from now, when Baby Paul sees the picture and understands what happened to his parents and how he was exploited for a photo-op by you, don’t blame him if he fantasizes about breaking that thumb off.

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