And The Hate Goes On And On And On

Finally, Robert Mueller’s holy tablet has been delivered from the mount. The wait is finally over. But wait, as there is more waiting. Waiting to see what will be revealed. Waiting to see if William Barr allows a total reveal. Waiting for the Democrats to force a total reveal.

Will it prove to be the beginning of the end of The Don’s presidency or will it just be another news cycle where The Don gets to spin his make believe tales of “witch hunt,” no collusion and lies. Continues to exhibit his unfitness to be president with his impulsive petulance, pettiness and hate filled rhetoric?

Honestly people, do we even need to know what is in the Mueller report to know that we have an immoral demagogue in the office that takes every opportunity to slash away at our democratic process? Haven’t we already seen enough evidence in plain sight to know this man and the people he surrounded (and continues to surround) himself with are liars, cynical opportunists and crooks who collaborated to help Russia meddle in our election? How many more indictments do we need? How many in plain sight attempts of obstruction of justice and violations of the emoluments clause do we need?

How many actions of his would have led to the impeachment of another president?
The Republicans have made their deal with the devil, and ultimately the only way to get rid of this malevolent man is by voting him out of office.

So for now, I don’t want to talk about Mueller’s report. I want to talk about something more corrosive and troubling. I want to talk about The Don’s embracing of White Supremacy and its devastating impact across the globe.

My wife and I have spent the last week traveling through the South on what I am calling our Civil Rights road trip. The trip has taken us through Birmingham, Montgomery and Selma Alabama, Jackson, Mississippi and will end in Memphis, Tennessee, at the Loraine Hotel, where Martin Luther King Jr., one of the truly great heroes of our nation, was tragically killed.

King was killed by James Earl Ray and was defended by J.B. Stoner, a known white supremacist. Ray, who had made it known that he admired Hitler, had volunteered work for 1968 presidential campaign of Alabama’s former segregationist Governor George Wallace, who had gone head-to-head with King in Birmingham, Selma and Montgomery.

As I traveled through these places and visited many of the historic sights, I was painfully transported back in to those moments, and felt the weight of the institutionalized racism and White Supremacy that permeated our country, then and to this day.

As I stood across the street from Lorraine Motel- in the very spot that Ray fired that fateful shot-I couldn’t help thinking about what King would think about the overt rise of White Supremacy in our country. What would he think about the blatant attempts to stop African Americans and other minorities from voting? What would he think about the rise of White Supremacy across the globe?

Wreath over Lorraine Hotel Room where King was staying in Memphis where he was supported rights for black sanitation workers who were on strike.


Walking through the Civil Rights museums and visiting other historic sites, like the Birmingham 16th Street Baptist Church, where a bomb killed four black children, the Jackson Mississippi home where civil rights icon Medgar Evans was shot and killed and walking across the Edmund Pettis bridge in Selma, the scene of the brutal attack on civil rights marchers who were beginning their historic 50 mile march from Selma to Montgomery, we were brought face to face with the venal violence of white supremacy and the heroic attempt to confront it.



At the new and devastatingly profound Peace and Justice Memorial in Montgomery, we lost our breath and were brought to tears as we stood amidst the 4,400 hanging structures symbolizing the known lynching’s that occurred in this nation that espouses “liberty and justice for all.” Surrounding by these structures, many hanging from the rafters, like the lynched black men, women and children they represented, I felt like I was surrounded by the horrible stain of our nation, a nation where White Supremacy ruled and sadly still casts its evil spell.



The massacre in New Zealand was the latest horrific terrorist attack perpetrated by a White Supremacist. The white nationalist mass murderer of Muslims in New Zealand was not out of his mind in seeing Trump as a symbol of “renewed white identity and common purpose.” He called his manifesto “The Great Replacement.”

If you recall, White Supremacists who marched in Charlottesville chanted: “Jews will not replace us.” century. The Don’s comment that there were “bad people on both sides,” where Jews and blacks were threatened and vilified, drew a dangerous moral equivalence; his refusal to denounce the hateful marchers was unconscionable and gave a wink and a nod to White Supremacist everywhere. It is clear that The Don has a love affair with white people who don’t like the demographic look of the 21st century.

The man who attacked a synagogue in Pittsburgh, the man who sent pipe bombs to opponents of The Don and the Coast Guard officer who plotted the murder of politicians and members of the media that The Don has attacked, all adhered to White Supremacist ideology.

In general, Anti-Semitic incidents and hate crimes against non-whites have increased substantially since The Don became president.

The Don wants us to believe that these acts are perpetrated by some deranged people and that White Supremacy isn’t on the rise- that his rhetoric doesn’t have anything to do with the increase of hate rhetoric and hate crimes.

Sorry Don, as the president of the most powerful country on the world, when you spew hate bad actors feel emboldened.

From the very beginning of your campaign David Duke celebrated your arrival on the scene like you were the second coming. When initially confronted with this support, you pretended you didn’t know David Duke. Bullshit! You just didn’t want to alienate all the White Supremacists who were ecstatic about your candidacy and all the love they heaped on you. As you know, The Don is all about love-those who love him, no matter how much hate they spew toward others!

White Supremacists are propped up by Brietbart News and Alex Jones’ Info Wars; other right wing conspiracy sites promulgate that we are a White Christian nation and the true inheritors of this country.

Your devaluing countries like Nigeria and Haiti was born of White Supremacy.

You referring to Mexicans rapist and murderers and your insistence in building a wall at the southern border is racist and born out of White Supremacy.

Your ban on Muslims entering this country is racist and born out of White Supremacy.

Your rhetoric has allowed other demagogues to have free reign and all over Europe with impunity.

Your divisiveness and hate, for anything that does not energize your White Supremacist base, goes on and on and on.

Fifty-one years after MLK’s tragic death it seems we need him as much now as ever. As he famously said: “The moral arc of history is long? Well, Dr. King, I am saddened to inform you that we are definitely in a downward turn of that arc.
King was a believer that love triumphed over hate. The man running this country takes delight in creating a divisive world: his anti-King message is “hate those who do not look like me and who don’t love me.”

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