The Great Diverter Hits The Wall

The Don’s desperate attempt to divert us from the crisis of his presidency, by shutting down parts of the government, justifying it by fabricating a crisis at our Southern border, is the latest antics of a reality TV president with a fading audience.

The only wall that is going to be built is the one that is forming around him. My hope is that this one will be the steel slat version he has said he would settle for: though in my version, it is a prison cell.

The facts are clear: the numbers of people (yes, they are human beings!) coming to our border is at an all time low. Most of them are seeking asylum; most of them are women and children. The claim by the White House that thousands of terrorists are coming in through Mexico is a bold face fabrication. Most of the drugs coming in are through ports of entry.

What’s also striking is that many of the people who live in border towns feel that a wall is unnecessary. If anyone should be experiencing a crisis, it should be the inhabitants of these border towns. They are not claiming that murders and rapists are wreaking havoc and mayhem in their towns.

In fact, many land owners near the boarder are hiring lawyers readying to sue the government if they attempt to build a wall on their land.

A wall is not an answer to anything. It was part of a campaign slogan that has been revealed to be a mnemonic device to ensure that The Don could stay on message to reinforce a tough immigration policy.

It is also part of a racist trope embraced by many in the Republican Party. A startling 2006 statement, by the self-proclaimed White Nationalist, congressman from Iowa, Steve King, lays it out.


That Mexico is going to pay for it was just another fabricated stunt to gin up his crowd during his rallies. Suddenly, The Don is eating crow on this fabrication, admitting that Mexico was never going to pay for the wall.

In fact, in the early days of The Don’s presidency, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto flatly rejected the idea of a wall.

The real crisis The Don is trying to divert us from is the revelation that the F.B.I. started a counter intelligence investigation in to whether The Don was actually working with Russia. That’s called treason! Some were shocked by the revelation; my response was why is anyone surprised?

The real crisis The Don is trying to divert us from is the recent revelation that Paul Manafort handed over polling data to the Russians, who certainly used it in their campaign to influence the election. That’s called collusion.

This is the same Paul Manafort who mysteriously showed up to run the Don’s campaign for no charge.

The Paul Manafort who owed Oleg Derapaska, a Russian oligarch somewhere near $20 million dollars, and promised Derapaska private briefings on the presidential race in order “to make things whole.”

The Paul Manafort who changed the Republican platform toward Ukraine.

The Paul Manafort who was at the infamous Trump Tower meeting with Don Jr. and Jared with the premise of getting dirt on Hillary Clinton.

The Paul Manafort that has already been convicted on multiple counts as a result of the Mueller investigation.

Another crisis The Don is trying to divert us from, is the reveal that Michael Cohen will be publicly testifying before the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, which is now controlled by of the Democrats.

Cohen is already going to jail for three years for lying to the Special Prosecutor’s office and campaign finance law violation in which he named The Don (Individual number 1) as the person directing him to make illegal payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal.

Cohen, who was The Don’s fix it man for ten years, knows everything about the inner workings of The Don’s nefarious business operation. With a desire to clear his name and perhaps get a reduction in his sentence, his detailed testimony will be devastating for The Don.

And while he tries to divert us the shutdown continues and 800,000 Federal works go unpaid and essential government services are compromised.

Imagine being one of those workers wondering how they were going to make ends meet and reading the governments tips on how to make money while your check reads $0.

OMFG TRUMP - Federal Employee.jpg

So concerned about the economic impact of the shutdown on Federal workers, the government created a tip sheet on how to manage things, including a tip sheet on ways to generate income.

The following really appears on the government website:

Sell unwanted larger ticket items clean attic, basement, closets through newspaper or on line.

 Great idea. What does “larger ticket’ items” mean: Your couch or your car?

 Offer to watch children, walk pets, or house sit.

 Just walk down your street and introduce yourself to people and ask them: You have any children you need watching?

 Turn your hobby in to income.

If you like to dance or sing just go out on a street corner with a cup and do your thing.

 Have untapped teaching skills and expertise? Tutor students, give music lessons or sports lessons.

 How about taking a page out of Lucy’s playbook from the Peanuts cartoon and setting up a place for people who are economically challenged because of the shutdown to share their woes for a small price?

 Become a mystery shopper. Retailers are desperate to check how their in-store customer service is and will employ you to shop.

When you discover that the person taking care of you is less than adequate report them so that they can become unemployed as well. Maybe you could even take their job?

 At the end of a long document that takes you through dealing with creditors, banks, etc you get these comforting words:

 Bankruptcy is a last option.

Rumor has it that the government has circulated a more comprehensive list of things to do while you are waiting for it to reopen.

Go to the border and help a drug dealer smuggle in drugs or stop a drug dealer: your choice!

Call Stormy Daniels (who is standing by) who will give you tips of the trade.

Commit petty crimes, like stealing old people’s pocketbooks.

Don’t go hungry! Go in to a restaurant, get a table near the door and bolt before the check comes.

To help out a compromised FDA, go to a grocery and smell some food to make sure it isn’t rotten.

Go pick up some bear shit in one of the national parks. BYOB.

OMFG TRUMP - Government shutdown.jpg

When the bank calls due to late payment tell them you are expecting a check from the Trump Foundation. Oops, that has been shut down, too.

Drink a lot of Stolichnaya vodka to block it all out and align yourself with Putin.

Apply for a job at one of The Don’s golf courses and demand to replace an illegal immigrant.

For more information call on how to get a quick infusion of cash call Oleg Derapaska.

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