The Giver

Tis the season for giving.

As we approach the end of the year let’s look at some of the ways The Don has given.

Let’s start with his foundation, a faux charitable organization -a charity best known for its purchase of a life-size portrait of Donald J. Trump—or, possibly, for the seven dollars it donated to the Boy Scouts of America, in 1989. He also spent $12,000 on a Tim Tebow football helmet, but his biggest “donation” was for $264,631 to fix a fountain outside the Trump-owned Plaza Hotel.

Anyone surprised, that the foundation was shut down by the NY State Attorney General’s office?

For what, you ask? For “exhibiting a “shocking pattern of illegality—including unlawful coordination with the Trump presidential campaign, repeated and willful self-dealing, and much more. This amounted to the Trump Foundation functioning as little more than a checkbook to serve Mr. Trump’s business and political interests.”

And to add some needed spice, Attorney General Underwood, temporarily banned the Trumpers from serving on boards of other New York non-profits. (A new definition of oxymoron: Trump non-profit.)

OMFG TRUMP - Ivanka and Donald Jr

 The flim-flam family is frankly nothing but a bunch of grifters concerned with one thing: Gifting themselves!

Sadly, I am not shocked by the news about the foundation, as malfeasance is the Trump’s middle name. What is surprising is that people are still shocked by these revelations; what infuriates me is that his supporters simply don’t care.

Like most things that transpire today in Washington everything is topsy turvy: we attack our allies and embrace dictators, we attack the F.B.I. and the rule of law and we refer to veritable news organizations as fake news. So it should be no surprise that The Don’s giving follows a similar trajectory.

Here are just some of the gifts The Don has made:

The Don made a campaign donation to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal to buy their silence about affairs he had with them.

There was a bonus gift as well. The Don had the affair with Stormy just months after Melania gave birth to Baron. Melania was so overwhelmed with his gift she was speechless!

The Don has given so many gifts to Putin and the Russians that Putin had to order extra stockings for his chimney. He gifted Putin by choosing to believe his denial over his own intelligence agencies reports regarding Russia hacking our election.

Deciding to withdraw our troops from Syria without consulting his military brain trust. That was the breaking point for Secretary of Defense James Mattis, who resigned in protest.

Putin’s X-Mas card praised The Don’s decision and said good riddance to the “Mad Dog.”

Dear Donald,

Good move on getting rid of that “bad “Mad dog.”

Donald you are such a genius that you should take on the role of the Secretary of Defense yourself, as you know more than the generals anyway.



P.S. I am available 24 hours a day for consultation on all and any matters military.

P.P.S. and thanks for giving us Syria! Your generosity is touching and will be rewarded.

P.P.P.S. Remember I have the pee tape!

The heart and soul of the Mueller investigation is connecting the dots between the Russians and the Americans who colluded together to help The Don win the election. What were the Russians hoping ti get for their help? Well besides the gift of destabilizing the Western Alliance (not bad?), there is the issue of lifting the sanctions on Russia, which were placed on them after they annexed Crimea.

It was just announced that The Don’s administration intends to lift sanctions against the business empire of Oleg V. Deripaska, one of Russia’s most influential oligarchs.

Mr. Deripaska, pinky-sweared that he was truly committed to giving up control of his companies, and was not merely staging a sham divestiture, as some critics suspected. Gee, that sounds familiar. Didn’t The Don say the same thing about his companies when he became president?

OMFG TRUMP - trump and Deripaska.jpg
“We promise we have nothing to do with our companies!”

And guess what? There’s another bonus gift, as Deripaska is the guy Manafort swindled and owes millions. Owing money to Russian Oligarch’s doesn’t usually end well. Now that Deripaska has greater access to his money, maybe he won’t be as concerned with breaking Manafort’s legs or cutting off his greedy little hands!

And let’s have a shout out for the gift of all the lies The Don has made. The most recent analysis by Fact Checker’s data base shows that he reached 5,000 on the 601st day of his presidency. That’s an average of 8.3. However, since then he has averaged 32 claims a day. The country truly thanks you for this!

The corporations and the rich thank you for the gift of your tax cut. It is so generous of you to increase gap between the haves and have -nots and to saddle us with another trillion dollars of debt.

Thanks for the gift of taking children from their parents and building all those tent cities. America needs more affordable housing!


Thanks for the gift of taking us out of the Paris Climate Accord and increasing our Carbon foot–print. And a special thank you for buying all those rakes that the forestry department will use to clean up the leaves to prevent devastating fires.

Thanks for the gift of gutting aspects of Obama Care that will result in millions losing their healthcare.

Thanks for shutting down the government. I am sure that the 100 of thousands of employees can’t wait to look at their paycheck that says: $0. I have an idea, why don’t you take the money the government is not paying its workers and put it to your great wall!

Thanks Donald! Your gifts just keep on coming. Hopefully, America can return the favor by putting you and your family in jail!

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