Tiny Has Tourette’s

This piece is being published without the usual photos as my blog wizard is spending two weeks down under in Australia. When she returns, photos will be added.

In the show Tiny has Tourette’s, I turn to two quotes to set the frame.

The first is Stormy Daniels response to The Don’s blurt out of “horse face” to describe Daniels.

“In addition to his … umm … shortcomings, he has demonstrated his incompetence, hatred of women and lack of self control on Twitter AGAIN! And perhaps a penchant for bestiality. Game on, Tiny.”

In my text analysis of this tweet, I would lump “umm…shortcomings” and “Tiny” together (Notice the paradoxical nature of the use of capital T even though no cap is required!)

Now let’s turn to “lack of self control” and “incompetence.” Is Stormy creating a double entendre here? Is this about The Don’s inability to censor or inability to let’s say, sustain?

Then we have the “bestiality” thing, which confounds, as The Don dislikes animals probably because he is incapable of empathy and can’t understand what the fuss is all about when people talk about loving their cat or dog. But Stormy definitely creates a stay- tuned kind of cliffhanger on this one. Horses?

So what’s the take away from this tweet? Unlike the entire Republican Neutered Party, Stormy is a bad ass that won’t cow tow to the Predator and Bully-in Chief. Secondly, don’t insult a porn star you have done the nasty with who can attest to how “un-huge” you are. That’s one battle that will deflate you, Don.

Stormy, I wish you didn’t have to make us think about the size of the president’s penis, but here we are.

We have come full circle since little Marco Rubio’s “small hands” comment during the 2016 campaign-a woeful tale of two adult men running for president debating penis size on the national stage. Just this idiocy alone begs for women to take the reigns!

But Kudos for you Stormy for cutting The Don down to size, as size does matter- particularly for a man whose favorite words include “bigly” and “huge.”

And now we have our second quote to complete the frame of our show: Tiny has Tourette’s.

Here is Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana’s defense of The Don’s “horse face”comment: “We’ve all done something like that before.” And as if this wasn’t enough, Kennedy added that The Don “grows anxious when he has unexpressed thoughts.”

Let’s deconstruct this one from the man who has the reputation of being the most quotable person on the hill*.

So Kennedy is basically saying: Hey, what’s the big deal. Some women are dogs and sometime you just gotta call a dog, a dog. But I draw the line at pigs because I am a hog kind of guy. Some women you wouldn’t go near with a ten -foot pole. Why is everyone got to be so PC about everything? Look at the Kavanaugh thing? They made that poor man in to a monster. Even if it happened he didn’t go all the way. From where I come from in the south, that’s damn right gentlemanly.

Now let’s move on to Kennedy’s follow-up that the president “grows anxious when he has unexpressed thoughts.”

Now that’s an interesting defense. The Don just can’t help himself when he gets anxious so give the man a break when he makes racist and misogynistic statements. Really John, we expect children to learn to control and monitor what they say, but we should show compassion for The Don’s verbal trespasses because he has difficulty tolerating his anxiety? If a third grader, who was running for class president, said something demeaning to a female student, not only would they not win the election, but they would be sent to the principal’s office, unless they really couldn’t help themselves because they had Tourette’s syndrome.

Tourette’s is a neurological condition that causes children (and some adults) to make involuntary movements (like tics) and in some cases causes them to make involuntary utterances of obscenities, profanities and derogatory remarks. This element of Tourette’s is called Coprolalia.

When the compulsion overcomes them, sufferers of the condition cannot help yelling inappropriate or culturally taboo remarks or phrases. A Coprolalia sufferer might even blurt out ethnic slurs.

So am I saying “Tiny” has Tourette’s? Well, not in the classical neurological sense, but in what I will call the Malignant Narcissist’s sense.

Put simply: Underneath the grandiose bravado, The Don is a child who feels small, humiliated and easily threatened. His inner world is fragile and he has little, if any, capacity to tolerate criticism, admit a mistake and believes he knows everything. He exists solely in a transactional world because what sustains him is his moment to moment need to win something in every exchange, because victories (real or imagined in many cases) keep the fantasy of his greatness intact. When someone criticizes him or he feels maligned, his greatness is threatened and his Malignant Narcissistic Tic Disorder gets activated and his version of Coprolalia comes to the fore and he blurts out:


Blood coming from her eyes!


No collusion, no collusion, no collusion.


And his most recent repugnancy: horse face!

For The Don, the blurting out of things serves the purpose of stabilizing him, restoring order in the imaginary world where he is perfect. For the moment the fragile internal balance is restored but the balance is fleeting as the next threat is just around the corner. So Tiny has Tourette’s will be breaking in to our world like the uncontrollable tic disorder it is. Stay tuned as your regularly scheduled programming is continually interrupted by “Tiny has Tourette’s.”










*“I don’t even know when they have time to make movies in Hollywood because it looks like they’re all busy molesting each other. 

“But now we know it’s on Capitol Hill, we know it’s in the business community, we know it’s elsewhere. I guess I’m just naive, but I had no idea there were this many pigs in the world.”


“Love is the answer — but you ought to own a handgun just in case.”

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