A Tale of Two Devils

Don’t you just love Sarah Hucksterbee Sanders? Her dour countenance suggestive of someone who has just swigged some bad milk and is on the verge of vomiting; the forked tongue; the person who stands up everyday in front of the White House press core deflecting and dissembling, defending The Don’s egregious and unconscionable actions and statements.

Her loyalty to The Don astounds. She has sold her soul (God help her!) and is now with the devil. Perhaps, when this diabolical journey ends, she will devote herself to the redemptive work of going on the TV circuit and read the names of the 300 priests who were outed in Pennsylvania for heinous transgressions of sexual abuse. And while she is at it, she should also name the high level officials in the Church’s cover up of these crimes, as these high level men of God are guilty of The Don’s least favorite word: collusion.

Speaking of collusion, when Mueller presents his facts, it will prove “yes collusion, yes collusion.” The “Hucksterbee will be guilty of that dirty word as well, as she, like the higher ups in the church, has been protecting The Don, colluding with his lies on a daily basis, doing the devil’s bidding.

Her response to The Don’s tweet about the disloyal, disgruntled Omarosa (don’t you just love the Oprah and Madonna one word name?) may have been one of her best performances yet. She disputed the idea that Mr. Trump’s tweet about Omarosa, in which he referred to her as a “dog,” was driven by racial animus, and defended the president by pointing out his willingness to lash out at people of all races.

Can’t you imagine her saying: “He’s called other people dogs, so what’s the big deal?”

Actually, what she did say was: “The fact is the president’s an equal opportunity person that calls things like he sees it.” Quite a badge of honor!

To prove her point, maybe she should have handed out a copy of the NY Times compilation of the over 400 insulting tweets the president has made.

Then under persistent questioning by reporters, Ms. Sanders was forced to answer a charge by Omarosa that The Don had used the N-word. Her response was that she could not guarantee that Mr. Trump had never used the N-word, but said that he had denied using it and that he had never used it in her presence.

huckabee and trump
No N-word, No N-word!”

The denial of an act by The Don is certainly reassuring and in most cases, certifies the opposite of what he is denying. “No collusion, no collusion” is probably the most frequent denial, but the number of denials probably falls between the 437 disparaging tweets and the 300 friendly, God loving sexual predator priests.

But here we are in 2018 America having the White House press secretary needing to respond to whether or not the president has used the N-word. Of course, using the N-word is an abomination, but is that the thing we need to know to declare The Don a racist? Will hearing the N-word be the straw that breaks his choke- hold on his base? Will knowing this get Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell  to stand up and declare we can’t have a man like this in the White House?

OMFG TRUMP - McConnel Ryan pit bulls.jpg
N-word, meh? Tax cuts for the rich? Yes!”

Who wants to wager on this? Any takers? After all, we had Charlottesville, where White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis and counter protesters were determined to be moral equivalents (“bad people on both sides”), a recent White Supremacist march on Washington commemorating Charlottesville with not a word from The Don condemning it, statements about Don Lemon, LeBron James and Maxine Waters, devaluing their intelligence, referring to Nigeria and Haiti as A-hole nations, taking on the black NFL players who are protesting against violence to people of color and of course, the ‘birther thing” which he promulgated with impunity with barely a peep from our spineless  and morally bankrupt Republican colluders.

Which brings me to the other devil and colluder in this piece: Omarosa.

The irony of Omarosa is that she was supposed to be proof of The Don’s love of black people. She was the dog whistler silencer.

The Don loved her because she was a narcissist opportunistic like himself. She attached herself to him and was mentored in the dark arts of winning at any costs, no matter who was fucked over. She too, like Hucksterbee, became the devil’s accomplice, a spawn of the devil. But unlike Hucksterbee ,who remained loyal to her master, Omarosa’s firing turned her in to Frankenstein and has become a bit more than her creator hoped for.

In her forthcoming book “Unhinged,” Omarosa characterizes Mr. Trump as a racist, misogynistic narcissist with poor impulse control, severe attention-deficit issues and signs of creeping mental decline, who “loves the hate,” “thrives on criticism and insults” and “delights in chaos and confusion.”

In other words, the devil spawn was spurned by her master and now is spurning him in return.

The Don, unable to contain himself from entering the fray (the devil spawn knows him too well) took the bait and has dismissed her as “wacky,” a “lowlife” and a “dog.”

It is clear from watching Omarosa that she is fearless and is not going to back down. And she has tapes! Seems like everyone who is The Don’s world has tapes. Michael Cohen has tapes. Maybe Mike Pence has tapes, too?

OMFG TRUMP - omarosa and tapes.jpg

They learned from the master to tape everyone so you can “have” something on them. So far we have listened to another bankrupt soul, Chief of Staff, John Kelley, intimidate her and The Don’s daughter-in-law, Laura, offer her $15,000/month hush money. Who from the Evil (oops I mean Oval) Office we will hear next?

The Don has met his match and rumor has it he is losing it about his once loyal, devotee turned bad. He has even asked Jeff Sessions to arrest her and put pressure on the publishing company to not release her book. All of these responses are just increasing sales of her book and make the $15,000/month she was offered to hush-up a pittance in comparison.

But The Don should not be surprised, because she is working from his playbook; when he is spurned his response is to go on the offensive.

The Don has turned the presidency in to his own 24-7 reality TV show. The delicious irony is that now he has a co-host who is as manipulative and power hungry as him. Omarosa, who was fired three times on the Apprentice, may have the goods and guts to finally turn the tables and gleefully be the one to get The Don fired!

Moral of the story: Dancing with the devil can be a dangerous business.



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