Who’s In and Who’s Out

The Don is all in with Making America Great Again and all out with about everything else. Here are some highlights:

Out of Paris Climate Change accord

NAFTA (to be out soon)

Out of TPP

Keeping out asylum-seekers

Separating out children from their families

On the outs with Canada and European Union because of his tariffs and general bad -mouthing of our allies.

He’s even on the outs with made-in-America Harley Davidson

And now he has the outs of his wet dreams: the Supreme Court decision supporting his Muslim Ban and the stepping out of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, which gives him the chance to put in a right wing judge which will have devastating consequences.

The court’s decision to grant the ban because of “national security” interests is a sad moment in our history. The court ignored The Don’s anti-Muslim rhetoric during his campaign, which clearly proved intent to ban people of a certain religion.*

Lower courts had rejected this argument and blocked the ban because the government could not prove that banning people from the designated countries represented a national security risk. In fact, the 14 most lethal terrorists acts committed, were not committed by people from the banned countries. I feel so safe, don’t you?

The courts actions harkens us back to the internment of the Japanese during World War II because they were considered a national security risk. It was proven that this action was based on misinformation and lies; it remains a dark stain on our country.

When I heard about the court’s decision I felt sick to my stomach. Then I became very angry and started railing against Mitch McConnell, the man who kept Merrick Garland out so Gorsuch could get in. McConnell, as Senate Majority Leader, prevented Obama’s Supreme Court nominee from being voting on for a year, stating that there shouldn’t be a new appointment before an election. This was unprecedented and an egregious abuse of his powers. And now that Justice Kennedy is resigning, the impact of McConnell’s the actions are even more profound.

mcconnell award copy.jpg

The court has become so politicized that its function as an independent, non-partisan arbiter, something essential to our democracy (even more so in these times), is questionable. The courts decision to ignore The Don’s words and intent, has emboldened an already dangerous president. He just has to yell: “National Security Risk!” He has already done that with Mexicans. He even justified his steel tariffs on Canada as a national security risk. Who’s next?

The Don will not agree with this, but I vote for none other than Sarah ‘the Huckster” Huckabee, who was asked to leave (kind of kicked out) of The Red Hen restaurant. In my mind, The Don’s devil puppet is a risk to our national security, the security of our democracy.

OMFG TRUMP - Huckabee puppet.jpg

If a baker can deny a gay couple a wedding cake on religious grounds- because they find homosexuality immoral- then why can’t a restaurant ask The “Huckster” to leave because she is an immoral, lying spokesperson for the president. After all, immoral acts are not tolerated by religions (except if you are Catholic priest and sexually abuse children); supposedly, those who commit them are excommunicated.

So what’s the religious violation in the Red Hen case? How about the religion of human decency? Watching Huckabee stand up there, day after day, defending the lies of this dangerous, psychopathic man, is immoral. Huckabee has a choice. If her conscience were her guide she would resign! Even the recent events of separating children from their families, was not enough for the mother of three to take a stand. Her Daddy, the Evangelical Minister and former presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee, taught her well.

Sarah, what did you say to your children when the reporter asked you if you had a heart and you didn’t answer? Do you? What would you say if one asked you:

“Could someone take us?”

“Don’t be silly, of course not darling.

“So why could they take them?

“It’s time to go to bed dear. Sweet dreams.”

OMFG TRUMP - Heartless Huckabee.jpg

There are so many lying, cheating, immoral people inhabiting the president’s inner circle. I’m not sure we want to get the point of kicking them out of all the places they go to.

Maybe we don’t have to kick all of them out. How about we offer a special menu for all the lying, cheating and unethical cabinet members. Famous delicatessens in New York have sandwiches named after Woody Allen, Adam Sandler, Conan O’Brien, Dolly Parton and more. Why not our dishonorable cabinet members.

The Betsey Devos or The Dumb it Down on Rye.

The Ben (Carson) or The Black Shakeout

 The Pruitt (Taking a page out of Carvel): The Soundproof Flying Saucer (in honor of his $43,000 soundproof booth)

The Mnuchin Burger or The Greenback: a vegetarian delight served between two hundred dollar bills.

The Nielson: This one is an all the Mexican food you can eat special accompanied by the sound of crying children.

The Miller: The Nasty (Use your imagination!)

The Kelly: Two pieces of bread with nothing in it. Oh isn’t that called a “Nothing burger?”

And no list would be complete without:

The Don: A Horse’s head with shredded strips of the Constitution on marble lie (oops, I mean rye)

Over and Out!

*Among white voters who backed Hillary Clinton, 73.2 percent said it was racist to support immigration reduction in order to maintain the white share of America’s population. This rose to 91.3 percent among white Clinton supporters with postgraduate degrees.


  1. How can anyone with an ounce of brains every think that Pumpkin Head in the White House can be good for America. If any citizen in America did what Pumpkin Head has done they would be in jail right now so why is he not in prison now.


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