The Worst Deal Ever

Great Narcissists love hyperbole. Best ever, most amazing, most beautiful, and the greatest are common forms of expression for them.

In homage to The Don I have written five pieces that reflect this greatness: “The Greatest Meeting on Earth“, “The Great American Blow Job“, “The Greatest Baby on Earth“, “The Greatest Germaphobe in the World“, and most recently, “The Greatest Take Home Exam“.

But narcissists live in a black and white world where things are also the worst.

From the beginning, The Don has raged against The Iran nuclear deal, hawking the idea that it was “the worst deal ever.” It is “decaying and rotten to its core.” The Don made it sound as if Iran was cheating on the accord, even though his intelligence chiefs have testified otherwise. His own Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, was opposed to terminating the agreement. I guess The Don does know more than the generals after all. In addition, Israeli military and intelligence officials, including former heads of Mossad and Shin Bet, as well as former Prime Minister Ehud Barak backed the accord, stating that Iran’s nuclear ambitions had been checked.

The Trans Pacific Partnership, aka, TPP, was “one of the worst deals ever.” NAFTA is also the worst. (Sorry TPP, NAFTA has you beat, as it is worster than you.)

“We are in the NAFTA (worst trade deal ever made) renegotiation process with Mexico & Canada. Both being very difficult, may have to terminate?”

So now that we have reviewed some of The Don’s ideas of the “worst” deals, let’s move on to talk about the really worst deal: The Don.

The Presidents & Executive Politics Presidential Greatness survey conducted in February of this year that found The Don the worst president ever! James Buchanan, who had locked down that distinction, (he was at the helm as the United States careened into civil war), was usurped by The Don.

Rumor has it that after the results were reported a bouquet of flowers arrived at The White House with a card that read:

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Thanks for liberating us and being annointed the greatest of the worst.

Truly yours,

The Buchanan clan

To put The Don’s greatest of the worst title in perspective, a little Buchanan history is in order.

James Buchanan before he was inaugurated helped coax the Supreme Court into the calamitous decision of Dred Scott in 1857, handed down a few days after his swearing-in and widely considered among the courts worst. In essence, the case denied blacks the right-whether free or slaved- to sue in a federal court because they were brought in to the U.S. as slaves and could not be U.S. citizens. Scott had been brought to a “free” state and sued for his freedom.

dred scott.jpg
Dred Scott

Perhaps The Don’s response to Charlottesville, where he gave cover to Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists, has something to do with the results of the survey. He railed against black football players for taking a knee during the national anthem in protest of police brutality. He made derisive, disparaging comments about people from Haiti and Nigeria. His racist statements about Mexicans being drug dealers and rapists are notorious.

The Don’s divisive rhetoric has inspired his followers in heinous ways.

In California, a man named Patrick Little, who said he was inspired by Trump, is running for U.S. Senate on a platform of removing Jews from power.

On Thursday, Mediaite reported that Juan Pablo Andrade, an adviser to the pro-Trump nonprofit America First Policies, praised the Nazis at a Turning Point USA conference.

The Don has also taken The U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accord, claiming it was a ‘con job” and a “myth.” With Syria recently endorsing the accord, the U.S. is now the only country not part of it. So either the entire world is living in an alternate reality or The Don is. You choose.

With Scott Pruitt, the hatchet man at the helm, attempts to deregulate environmental policy continues. Thankfully, he has managed to get little done because of the complexities of dismantling laws and litigation efforts opposing his plans. But his intent is clear and represents The Don’s egregious assault on our environment for the benefit of oil and gas companies.

He promised a better deal on health care, with cheaper costs and universal coverage. He never proposed one. Instead, after Congress failed to repeal the Affordable Care Act, he attacked it administratively, increasing the number of people without insurance and raising premiums. The number of people without healthcare has gone from 11% to 15%. Just a few days ago he proposed significant cuts to CHIP (Child Healthcare Insurance Program), which covers 9 million children. Juxtapose this with the tax cut that was a complete giveaway to the rich while pretending that the middle class would benefit.

You Don are the worst because:

You are a sexual predator that backed a pedophile running for the United States Senate. Moore was a man who was banned from his local mall because of how he acted around teens, just like The Don should have been banned from the Miss Teen Universe contest in Russia for shamelessly walking in to the dressing room of the contestants.

You are a man who came to the defense of Rob Porter, who physically assaulted his former two wives. Ivanka claims you tried to strangle her after your hair enhancement surgery because you were angry at being in so much pain and blamed her.

You are a man who has made a mockery of civil discourse. In the beginning of his campaign, he ridiculed John McCain for not being a hero because he was captured. Just the other day, Kelly Sadler, a special assistant to The Don had this to say about McCain’s opposition to his C.I.A. nominee who was involved in torture in the past: “It doesn’t matter. He’s dying anyway.” And true to form, there has been no apology offered from The White House.

You are a man who has attacked judges and has conducted a full frontal assault of the FBI and Justice Department.

You are a man who promised to ‘drain the swamp” and has created a swamp so vile that the alligators have left and have been replaced by ogres with names such as: Pruitt, Zynke, Mnuchin and Michael Cohen, the man who received money from a Russian Oligarch to perhaps pay off Stormy Daniels. The creature who has said “I’m crushing it,” when it came to using his connection to The Don to get money from companies like AT&T promising to peddle influence with The Don.

OMFG TRUMP - Swamp Things.jpg

You are a man who supports immigration policy that separates children from their families.

You are a man who already has had three people from your campaign plead guilty to the special prosecutor investigating your connections to Russia. A fourth, Paul Manafort, has so many charges lodged against him I stopped counting.

Like a true demagogue wannabe, you have tried to delegitimize the press, creating an alternative reality of facts.

You are a man who has been obstructing justice and it is increasingly clear, that your campaign, and you as well, were in collusion with Russia to impact our election.

You are a man without empathy who cares for no one but yourself.

You are a psychopathic liar whose shameless assault on truth is an abomination.

That’s why you are the worst ever.

Did I mention to say the Buchanan family thanks you for your kakistocracy. (Look it up!)

John O. Brennan


Your kakistocracy is collapsing after its lamentable journey. As the greatest Nation history has known, we have the opportunity to emerge from this nightmare stronger & more committed to ensuring a better life for all Americans, including those you have so tragically deceived.


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  1. I love this piece. Thank you for reminding me that a few sane people still exist. That means the world has not gone completely mad. Just mostly. God bless & protect us all. Except tRump. May he get exactly the karma he’s earned.


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