I Alone Can Fix It!

It is the narcissist’s belief that they are special; only they have the ability to do certain things. There is a delusional quality to these beliefs. When their idea of their special-ness is challenged by a failure to live up to their pronouncements of the great things they will achieve-they take no responsibility and find fault with everyone and anything to ensure they remain great in their own eyes. Sound familiar?

Because narcissists believe they have special powers-be it knowledge, strength or talent-they exist in a psychological space of invisibility where there is little room for input that does not align with their vision.

Here are some of The Don’s greatest hits about his greatness and invincibility:

I have the greatest memory (except when it comes to Russia, a place he has never had any business dealings with!)

I know more about the military than the generals. Is that because you played with toy soldiers when you were a child?

OMFG TRUMP - Toy Soldiers.jpg

I am a genius. Your 5th grade vocabulary is tremendous! When was the last time you read a book? Oh yeah, you don’t need to read anything, including daily intelligence briefings, because you already know everything. By the way, didn’t your recently disposed of Secretary of State called you a moron?

OMFG TRUMP - Tillerson Moron.jpg

I would run in to a school without a gun. This from a man who was given deferments from the military numerous times because of bone spurs (which by the way have never been authenticated!); this from a man who fires his Secretary of State by Tweet, because he doesn’t have the courage to look him in the eye.

I can stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters: grandiosity at its most absurd and dangerous.

The Don has lived his entire life with the belief that he can do no wrong and is above the law. His swagger and bombast play beautifully to those who yearn for an autocrat who will fix things for them.

Despite his transgressions and lack of a moral compass, Evangelicals have embraced him: they have actually transmuted The Don in to the man who will lead them to the promised -land! God save us all, from those who suspend their judgment and critical thinking.

The Don is cleaning house in the oval office. He is ridding himself of anyone who doesn’t support everything he does or believes in. He requires inscrutable devotion: those who don’t do his bidding become fodder for the chopping block. He is currently rebuilding his team with the belief that those he chooses will do his bidding and never question him. He is in final stage of turning the Oval Office in to Trump Towers, where he is in control of everything and expects only loyalty and lavish praise. He is an autocrat, who like Putin, believes “he alone can make his country great, that he alone can fix it.

What is really scary about this is that The Don is a know-nothing, megalomaniac who has little interest in understanding the world, and lies at such an astounding pace that his word means nothing. He will say anything to get the love he desperately needs and discard the truth to get what he wants. In his delusional world there are no consequences for his transgressions.

Take the recent comment he made while speaking at a fund raiser in Missouri. He jokingly admitted to making up facts to Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, regarding the trade deficit between Canada and the U.S., insisting that the U.S. had a trade deficit with Canada, when it isn’t true. He was heard to say to an applauding crowd: “I said, ‘Wrong, Justin, you do.’ I didn’t even know … I had no idea. I just said, ‘You’re wrong.’ ” The Don’s belief in his own invincibility even allows him to boast about lying to a leader of another country!

His inability to tolerate a different point of view is palpable in his firing of Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, who finally stood up to Russia. Rumor has it that McMaster, who also stood up to Russia, will soon be gone.

Andrew McCabe, Assistant Deputy of the F.B.I., after being bullied and maligned for more than a year by The Don, was fired less than two days before he was to receive his pension after 21 years of dedicated service. Why: because he is one of the people James Comey shared his experiences with when The Don attempted to get him to pledge loyalty. And by firing him for being what Sarah Hucksterbee referred to as ”a bad actor”, The Don believes he will discredit him as a witness in Robert Mueller’s investigation.

The Don’s grandiosity and delusional belief, that he alone can fix it, will ultimately have perilous consequences for him and his presidency.

Robert Mueller is closing in on him and just hit The Don where it really hurts by subpoenaing financial documents.

Firing McCabe and belittling the F.B.I. has emboldened him to take the next step: firing Robert Mueller. Despite certain Republicans warning him not to do this, the same delusional belief that there are no consequences for his actions (I can lie to the Canadian President; I can shoot somebody on 5th Avenue) may lead him down this path. One can only hope that Republicans stand behind their words and bring his presidency down.

His other option is to meet with Mueller. His insistence that he is looking forward to meeting with Robert Mueller has his lawyers gnawing their finger nails down to the bone. If there is a line on The Don perjuring himself in Las Vegas it is probably a 100-1.

OMFG TRUMP - Vegas Odds.jpg

The Don’s belief in his invincibility allows him to think that if he sits down with Mueller he can charm, cajole and persuade him of his innocence. His belief is that he alone can set the record straight and that he alone can fix it. In the end, he will go rogue and not listen to his lawyers advise and perhaps alienate them to such a degree that they his legal team will fall apart. This will leave him all alone. Mueller will ask him questions he already knows the answer to and The Don will lie. Mueller will not stand for his alternative fact universe; The Don will not be able to pull the wool over his eyes as he has done to the his true believers. He will not be able to bully Mueller and bend him to his will.

The Don is stuck between a rock and a hard place. If he fires Mueller he faces devastating consequences for his actions. If he speaks to Muller he will lie and commit perjury. Either way, in the end, it is The Don’s disturbing narcissism and his delusional grandiosity that will ultimately lead to his undoing.

In Robert Mueller’s world, if you shoot somebody in the middle of 5th Avenue, you go to jail!


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