In Predators We Trust

The Don is “happy for women coming forward with accusations of sexual misconduct against lawmakers and media figures.” (Read that as left wing Hollywood types and democratic members of congress.)

Women are very, very, very special, well, at least the ones who voted for him.
According to The Don, “nobody has more respect for women, nobody.”

On the other hand, The Don is not so happy about women coming forward with accusations of sexual misconduct against Roy Moore. So maybe women are not so special. Moore also stated he had “great respect for women.” I guess respect is relative and oh so over rated.

At this moment I am really struggling and confused about what the word respect means.

If I recall, The Don was not so happy when 15 women accused him of sexually assaulting them-nah, not so happy. They were all liars and just another example of the liberal media conspiracy and he threatened to sue them.

Moore, taking a page out of the master’s book, has threatened to sue his accusers as well.

The Don, after sitting on the sidelines for a while, spoke to the puppet master, Steve Bannon, who pumped him up and told him to double down on defending Moore.

Bannon probably whispered sweet nothings in The Don’s earpiece that went something like:

You don’t want some punk ass liberal derailing your tax bill, he told him. The people of Alabama love you. They thought (women, too!) that the Access Hollywood tape, where you were struttin your stuff about doing whatever you wanted to women, was kind of cool. They believed you that it was a left wing conspiracy and they will believe Roy Moore if you tell them to.

The Don went in to his role of Liar and Denier-in- Chief, claiming Doug Jones was weak on crime and weak on borders. He forgot to mention that he and Moore were weak on keeping their  hands where they weren’t wanted and their dick in their pants!

Speaking about being weak on crime. Moore was removed from off ice as Chief Justice of Alabama’s Supreme Court not once, but twice, for defying federal laws. Doug Jones was part of the prosecution that put away KKK members responsible for the tragic church bombing  in Birmingham, Alabama which killed 4 black girls. Also,  Jones proves strong on keeping his hands where they weren’t wanted and keeping his dick in his pants.

Left wing and Liberal, two dirty L words. They are like lice.

Being a liberal myself I wondered if I could find some good L words to describe The Don and Moore:

Lecherous, leering, lascivious, licentious, lurid, lewd, lying predators and pedophiles. (Sorry had to drop the L and go for the P.)

The Don’s divisiveness and fueling of partisanship has reached new levels. Now we get to choose sides based on political persuasion with regard to whether or not women should be supported for coming forward to talk about experiences of sexual assault. With Roy Moore, the voters have a stark choice:

Let’s see, hmm, should I vote for the Pedophile, Predator, the man who wants to violate women’s bodies or the man who wants to give women the right to choose what to do with their bodies?

At least princess Ivanka said the right thing by claiming “there’s a special place in hell for people who prey on children.” Supposedly, the Don was annoyed by Ivanka’s statement as it contradicted his statements which summed up say that the special place Moore should be is the U.S. Senate. I also, wonder if daddy thought daughter was finally putting him in his place for suggesting he would have pursued her if she wasn’t his daughter. Or maybe she revisited his statement about walking in on naked Ms Teen Universe contestants. Maybe there is a special place for the Don as well and all those Evangelicals that support Moore. I wonder what that place is called?

On the other hand, our lovely Kellyanne brazenly declared it to be a no-brainer kind of decision. A few days after declaring she believed the women who came out against Moore, she said passing the tax bill was more important. Just what we need: give white powerful men who often are the perpetrators of predatory acts more money and power!

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey said she believed the accusers, but is still voting for Moore. I wonder what she would do if one of the accusers were one of her own children?

OMFG TRUMP - Kay Ivey.jpg
Alabama Governor Kay Ivey sings: Sweet Home for Pedophiles in Alabama

Ivey: I’m so sorry that happened to you honey, but Uncle Roy is really a good man.

Daughter: But mom, you always said that if someone touched me in a way that made me uncomfortable I should tell you?

Ivey: And you are doing that dear. That’s great. You are coming forward.

Daughter: But I was scared mommy. The man was so disgusting. Why did you let him take me for a ride?

Ivey: He was very gentlemanly about it and is a devout Christian and he asked my permission. And he was Assistant Attorney General at the time. A man who knew right from wrong, a good man whose job it was to bring bad people to justice.

Daughter: But I was 14.

Ivey: I know it was a bad thing that happened to you.

Daughter: Are you going to vote for him for senator?

Ivey: Yes I am, dear.

Daughter: How could you?

Ivey: The other man running is the D word.

Daughter: The devil?

Ivey: Yes dear. The Democrat.

Daughter: But…

Ivey: How about we go shopping at the mall and forget about all this?

Daughter: Malls are filled with scary people. Roy Moore was banned from the one we go to.

Ivey: I am proud of how you are finding out all these things, but maybe you are spending too much time on the internet. Not everything you read there is true. Anyway, why don’t we just hold hands, close our eyes and pray. Let’s hand this off to Jesus and he will make everything alt -right.

P.S. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get all 15 women who claimed The Don assaulted them in one room to tell their stories and out of their stories create a public service piece that starts with: We are the 16 women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted by Donald Trump. We are:

Ninni Laaksonen, Jessica Drake, Karenia Virginia, Cathy Heller, Summer Vervos, Kristin Anderson, Jessica Leeds, Rachel Crooks, Mindy McGillvray, Natasha Stoynoff, Jennifer Murphy, Cassandra Searles,”Jane Doe” (did not disclose real name but filed a lawsuit alleging Trump raped her when she was 13 years old),Temple Taggart McDowell, Jill Harth,

If you are a woman, the president of the United states presents a clear and present danger.


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