Grandiosity Killed The Cat

The two sayings most associated with cats are: cats have nine lives and curiosity killed the cat. We could confidently declare that The Don has epitomized the first. Let us count the times that taps has been played during his candidacy and presidency only to find him still standing:

1.John McCain is not a war hero but a loser because he was captured.

2.Mexicans are all drug dealers and rapists.

3. Megyn Kelly has blood coming out of her eyes and other places.

4. Mr. Kahn’s wife didn’t say anything because she was under the control of her Muslim husband.

5. The Billy Bush Pussy video.

6. Eleven women coming forward to claim they were sexually assaulted by The Don.

7. His veiled encouragement of violence to Hillary Clinton by supporters of the 2nd Amendment because she was going to take away their guns.

8. When supported by David Duke, former Wizard of the KKK, he said “I think he deserves a close look by those who believe the era of political correctness needs to come to an end.”

9. Cruelly mimicking disabled reporter Serge Kovaleski at a press conference.

10. Condoning violence at his rallies and stating that he would like to punch a protester in the face.

11. And my favorite, regarding his loyalty of his supporters, that he “could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and wouldn’t lose any voters, okay? It’s like incredible.”

Oops, that’s eleven (and there are many more), which I guess makes sense, because if The Don were a cat, he would have to have the most lives of any cat, ever.

And yes, it is incredible! And we haven’t even gotten to the lunacy and outrage regarding Mother Russia and his bestie Putie.

So let’s get to the 2nd saying. That one is a bit of a problem for The Don because his capacity for curiosity aligns him more with a turtle than a cat and is limited to his endless fascination with watching TV that is about him. His lack of curiosity and stark disinterest in wanting to learn about anything of substance is driven by his grandiosity. In other words, he doesn’t have to learn anything because “he knows more than the generals.”


Just reflect on that statement for a moment. A man who knows absolutely nothing about the complexities of the military, claiming he knows more than the people who run the military. Frankly, Wikipedia should reference this as an example of grandiosity!

But hope springs eternal and I will restate what I have said numerous times: The Don’s disturbing grandiosity was a key to his success and it will lead to his demise as well.

Trump brought his firebrand, great deal making, take no prisoner and corrupt business practices to millions who felt left behind and fed-up with politics as usual. He presented himself to those looking for a savior as the only one who could save them and America. He sold them a false bill of goods based on his grandiose belief that he was so great that he could do whatever he wanted and America would just fall to its knees in appreciation.

This is a man who learned the art of corruption, immorality, lying and winning at any cost from his father; this is man who grew up in a privileged bubble of wealth in which he believed he could get whatever he wanted with impunity, no matter how egregious or immoral the act. He was the king, above the law. If you didn’t worship the ground he walked on, criticized him or had the courage to take him on, he just upped the ante by bullying, threatening, humiliating or taking legal actions against you. He is always right and takes no responsibility for things when they go wrong, because his greatness obviates his capacity for wrongdoing.

His recent comments about taking no responsibility for the failure of his Republican cronies to repeal and replace Obamacare are a perfect example. “I will not own this” and who cares if 30 million people lose coverage by getting The Senate to just repeal it. In other words: fuck everyone else; all that matters is that I remain untarnished: like a child he stamps his feet in a tantrum, screaming:  if I can’t have the toy (victory) I will destroy it for everyone else. The lack of awareness and complete disregard for other people’s suffering that would eventuate from repealing Obamacare does not enter his consciousness; the fact that millions of his supporters would be hit hardest by this craven act raises not one iota of concern.

Donald Trump major US landlord accused of anti black bias  @onthemarketblog.jpg

His brazenness and disregard of any rules and convention is stunning. Firing Comey because he was looking in to his connections to Russia, meeting Putin for an hour on his own, without being accompanied by anyone else at a G-20 dinner, with the rest of the leaders of the world watching and now threatening Robert Mueller, the Special Prosecutor. I am The Don and I can do anything I want and you can’t stop me, nor will there be any consequences for my actions. In other words, “I can stand in the middle of 5th Ave and shoot someone and…”

Unfortunately for The Don (and fortunately for America), his belief in his own invincibility is the very thing that will continue to back him into a corner until he can’t escape. His belief that he is untouchable and that his greatness protects him from the consequences of his actions are a delusion that he has been able to maintain all these years. All that time he was operating within his own Trumpian constructed universe, where he lived by his own rules and standards; where he manipulated, lied, scammed, brought lawsuits, mowed down everyone in his path with the belief that his greatness justified his actions and he was untouchable.

But now he is on the world stage. There are institutions like the courts, congress, other countries and most importantly, the free press. He has attacked judges and the free press incessantly with his cries of fake news, but unlike in Trump World, they have continued to hold him accountable. This is something that is not only infuriating to him but something he finds incredulous.

Oh, if it were like Putin’s Russia none of this would be happening.

In Trump world, when someone goes after you, you hit them harder. You emerge unscathed, the victor, because you sucker punch them out of the ring. Hate to tell you Don, but your disregard for the rules, your belief you are above the law is coming back to haunt you. You can fire everyone: The Attorney general, The acting FBI director, The Assistant Attorney General, Robert Mueller, as that would be your M.O, but it won’t work. The delusional fortress born from your grandiosity will force you to up the ante in your battle to blame everyone but yourself. Your belief that you will always be victorious will force you to be more and more brazen until your actions lead to the dissolution of the artifice that is Donald Trump

And one more thing: I am so glad to hear that you are finally curious about something, that something is called pardoning. Do your research as reality is closing in and bubble is bursting. I guess there is a limit to how many lives you have!

OMFG TRUMP - Fat Cat.jpg

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  1. Another great piece of writing! I like your writing (NOT that you should write to please me) when It is straightforward and when you blend the psychology of events in to the overall description of the man and his cronies and the roles that other institutions-particularly the press and the courts serve. Keep it up! I love that his family members keep “forget”to report meetings. $25 million dollars here and there, salaries they are paid by different Trump entities etc etc etc. xx L



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