The Mika Virus

Let’s start by making something crystal clear: Anyone who was surprised by The Don’s comments about Mika Brzeziniski is suffering from a cognitive malfunction due to lack of blood flow to the brain.

Refrains like: “It’s one thing to say these things as a candidate, but as the president?” Please! My response to that is either you are in denial, deluded or just morally bankrupt cowards like the Republicans.

Despite all the policy reversals, lack of coherency and idiocy of The Don’s presidency to date, there is one thing that has always been very consistent: The Don is a thin skinned, bombastic, self –aggrandizing, attention seeking, lying narcissist. He is The Predator-in Chief and Grand Wizard Misogynist. His insults to women are infamous: Rosie O’Donnell is a pig and an animal; Gail Collins, writer for The New York Times, has a face like a dog, Megyn Kelly has “blood coming out of her eyes, coming out of her wherever”…And now there is Mika.

Give me a break with all the hand ringing, that his behavior makes you scared for your country. (I’m actually scared for Melania , who seems to be a victim of the Stockholm Syndrome!)

The Don, who loves women more than anyone else, (Jews and blacks too!) only loves them when he is on top, dominating them, kissing them at will, grabbing their pussies with impunity. But when a woman stands up to him and looks him bloodlessly right in the eye, challenges him and in Mika’s case, derides him for “fake news” in the form of a an ersatz Time Magazine cover, he goes limp and becomes the little pathetic, tempestuous child he really is.

Suddenly, he sees blood coming out of a woman’s eyes. Women are witches and bitches. Women who stand up to him are just hysterical, angry creatures who can’t be taken seriously. There is an emotional imperative for The Don to devalue them so that he can restore his grandiose self –in other words, get his boner back! The Don is more terrified of a strong, competent woman than he is of the North Korean president!

OMFG TRUMP - Dominatrix.jpg

The Don is all about the boner, about power, about women getting on their knees and bowing to him, giving him a blow job. When they assume the position, his love has no boundaries; when they take him on as equals, the romance ends and the real Don is exposed.

I can go on and on about the many egregious and derogatory things The Don has done and about how almost any civics minded 7th grader knows more than him about the world, but I want to talk about the Mika Virus.

The Mika Virus courses through the veins of America: The Don is the great promoter and spreader of this disease also known as Misogyny. (Too bad Time Magazine doesn’t put him on the cover for that!)

OMFG TRUMP - Misogyny.jpg

I will leave the complex analysis of misogyny to the theorists (including why 53% of white females voted for him), but like racism and homophobia, it is a deep stain on our psyche. Martin Luther King stated that for racism to change it wasn’t enough for blacks to protest; there was a moral imperative for whites to stand up as well. For misogyny to change men need to stand up and denounce it! Men are the perpetrators: they must take responsibility for their actions and treatment of women. It is a moral imperative!

The assault on women in this country is astounding. The heartless Republican health care defunds Planned Parenthood, gives states the ability to deny maternity care or pay astronomical premiums; it practically makes being a women a pre-existing condition. One of the most powerful people in the country, Mitch McConnell, voted against the Violence against Women Act twice! Women struggle to get equal pay for equal work. Sexism and sexual assault in the work place is rampant. One in four college students claim they have been sexually assaulted at some point in their college experience!

The Don’s actions are repulsive, but so are the congressmen who have supported him and barely made a peep about anything. They have decried his most recent eruption, but when the noise dies down, they will revert to their Jedi mind games, imagining that he isn’t who he is or worse, that it’s not really so bad and support him as if nothing has happened.

We have a Jason Chaffetz problem. The event with Mika brought back The Don’s greatest hits on the news and once again I was just amazed to watch Chaffetz during the election go on talk show after talk show adamantly stating he could not vote for The Billy Bush man. After all, he had a 15-year -old daughter. How could he look her in the eye? So Jason, after voting for The Don, I just wonder, how did you look her in the eye? (Perhaps, he too saw blood?)

The White House runs out a daily crew of defenders and dissemblers who decry how their great leader is unfairly criticized and maligned: that he doesn’t mean what he says, that no one has more respect for women, that the people voted for someone who speaks his mind and fights back when attacked. Blah, blah, blah,

The vice president of The United States is the Anti-Trump. So chaste and proper that he can’t be in a room alone with another women. You can call that the epitome of decorum or you can go deeper and imagine that Pence is scared of his own impulses and really he is just like The Don, the repressed priest that…

With all the brouhaha about The Don’s bloody tweet war, I decided to tune in to the Morning Joe show to see what he and Mika had to say about it all. Mika declared she was ok. She was strong and just scared for our country. Joe spoke of how The Don is just so much more vicious with women and told a story about a congressman calling him to let him know (before the tweet) that during a conversation about health care, The Don just went off on a disturbing tirade about Mika.

And then it happened. Joe morphed in to the apologist; he became the epitome of what the problem is. He started talking about how The Don in the White House is not the same Don that he has known over the years. That he used to be able to go with the flow, wink at the inside jokes. When he said that I think blood started coming out of my eyes.

Really! The guy on the Billy Bush tapes bantering glibly about grabbing pussies; the guy who was accused of sexual assault by 12 women; the guy who burst in to a room of naked Miss Teen Universe contestants; the man who continually degraded women on the Howard Stern Show, who has spent his life bullying, lying and ripping off people? He is not the man you knew, Joe? The presidency has changed him?

Let’s face it: Until men like Joe Scarborough understand how they are part of the problem, nothing will change. How about this for a start, Joe: How about going on your show and apologizing for being an apologist for The Don? Then change the name of your show to Morning with Mika and Joe.


  1. Another excellent piece! I am totally biased of course-love the author and the message… Misogyny is blatant and men need to take a stand against it. You might consider sending the last 2 paragraphs(slightly edited) to Joe and Mika and their producer(s)-they must all have email for “fans”?!xx al



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