Like Magic!

The sight of the Republicans drinking Budweiser in the Rose Garden in celebration of their craven victory to repeal and replace Obamacare made me nauseous. Unlike James Comey, who revealed that the thought that he might have helped The Don win the presidency made him slightly nauseous, my nausea at the Republican celebration made me run to my medicine cabinet and down a double dosage of my favorite childhood anti-emetic Kaopectate.

The Republicans were so desperate for a victory for their beloved president and party that it was actually rather pathetic. It was like watching a little league baseball team that hadn’t scored a run all season celebrating on the field when they finally scored one. Didn’t matter if they are eventually going to lose the game! And they will lose, as the hurdles they face just in the Senate alone are daunting. And where they will really have their Waterloo will be at the ballot box in 2018.

OMFG TRUMP - Napoleon Defeated.jpg

After all, the first bill they rolled out was only supported by 17% of Americans and inspired protest all around the country and this one is worse. Talk about living in an Alternative Reality!

So what would prompt them to go ahead with a bill that has the capacity to undo coverage for millions with pre-existing conditions (23% of Americans have some kind of pre-existing condition) by making premiums so high people can’t afford it? For example, preliminary numbers show that individuals with pre-existing Depression or Bi-Polar Disorder may have to pay $8,000 more to get coverage. Fuck depressed people!

Or how about giving insurance companies the leverage to charge 5 times more for insurance for older people? Fuck old people!

Then there is the cutting of Medicaid by nearly a trillion dollars that will have a devastating effect on the lives of less fortunate Americans. Fuck poor people!

Also, did you know that 25% of funds for Medicaid are used for the elderly and the disabled? Fuck the disabled and the elderly!

OMFG TRUMP - Mocking Disability.jpg

Subsidies from the government for families just over the poverty line, which allow them to have healthcare, will be cut drastically as well. Fuck them, too!

The new plan allows insurance companies the right to decide what they want to cover. Who knows maybe you will be lucky enough to live in a state that sees pregnancy as a pre-existing condition and make it unaffordable or just simply not cover it. Fuck Babies!

Man, there is sure a whole lot of Fucking going on! What would you expect from a party that continues to support a pernicious pathological liar and sexual predator.

And they did all this without most of them even reading the bill, making them card carrying members of The Don’s “Reading is Stupid Book Club.” And in in unprecedented move, they voted on it before the bi-partisan Congressional Budget Office weighed in on the impact. When the CBO weighed in on the first plan they predicted that $24 million people would lose coverage. Guess I can see why they wanted to cash their chips in before the new numbers came out!

And then there is The Don: the man who knows nothing and pretends to know everything. The man who promises everything and lies right to the American people’s face, doing what he has always done. A man with no soul, no conscience, whose real interest in this bill is to take all the spoils from the cuts and give them to the rich in one of the most outrageous re-distributions of wealth from the poor to the rich ever seen in this country.

When gloating about his victory The Don reflected that just two days before the vote the GOP came together, like magic. The magic is the fact that Paul Ryan and his nefarious clan pulled the wool over The Don’s eyes. He still thinks pre-existing conditions will be covered, that premiums will be cheaper and more people will get better health care. Not only does he have no the interest in reading the bill, but he couldn’t understand it if he did. He just wants a victory to gloat over. It doesn’t matter how many lives this devastates, as the only thing he really care about is The Don. As a business man he has a history of fucking over people; now he just gets to do it even more bigly. The only magic is the black magic of making healthcare disappear for millions of people. Now you have it, now you don’t!

OMFG TRUMP - Black Magic.jpg

As for the members of the House of Representatives, enjoy sucking down those cans of Budweiser all you want because when your celebration ends you are going to have one hellava hangover from the wrath of the American people. Soon you will realize that you have put yourself on the path to political suicide. The Depression that will develop will envelop you like a black cloud and there won’t be any mental health care coverage to treat you. You’ll be Fucked!







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