Ivanka Checks In

Loyalty is king in the Trump administration. Case in point is one of Russia’s great allies, Mike Flynn. Flynn was one of the first to stand tall in his unwavering support of The Don during the campaign. He was rewarded handsomely for his Von Trump choral rendering of “Lock her up”, now a Grammy nominee in the “Ironic Music” category, as he confronts the possibility of trading places with Hillary, the chant’s inspiration. Oh, Mr. Flynn, thou did protest too much!
OMFG TRUMP - Behind Bars

The Don’s loyalty was so unflynching that he supported Flynn for three weeks after he was informed he had “Russia” problems. Maybe Flynn’s fealty caused The Don to truly love him and made it hard to say goodbye or maybe Flynn had something on him and would cry “immunity” to protect himself. Stay tuned.

Now to the main event: Jared and Ivanka. Jared, the man who knows dick-shit about anything besides real estate (does that remind you of anyone?) has so many things on his plate-including brokering Israeli-Palestinian peace-that the notes section of his i phone has run out of memory.

And then there is the greatest loyalty prize of all, Ivanka-the golden child-in cahoots with her daddy making money like bees making honey. Listening to the beautiful sound of caching, caching as they use the White House to promote their businesses, shamelessly laying waste to any notion of ethics and “conflict of interest” like a jackhammer on a city street.

Ivanka, the perfect photo-op for The Don when he wants people to think he gives a shit about women. A man who without a blink of an eye, defended Bill O’Reilly after he declared “Sexual Assault Awareness Day”, and who genuinely believes that whatever he and his buddy Bill perpetrate is a badge of honor as proud card carrying members of the Pussygate Society.

To deflect from his predatory behavior, The Don just rolls out Ivanka and everyone swoons: the successful business women who champions the cause of women, the soft side of The Don, the one who can reason with him, the kind of eye candy The Don requires to be seen with- the perfect replacement for the first lady, who is too busy working on her anti-cyber bullying campaign to move in with him.
OMFG TRUMP - Melanie Bullying

So what does the dutiful Ivanka think about The Don’s plan to defund the United Nations Population Fund which battles maternal mortality and helps women get access to contraception, which will result in thousands of women dying?

How about the administration’s proposal to defund programs under the Violence Against Women ACT which offer services to survivors of gender-based violence in the U.S.?

How about his assault on Planned Parenthood which provides invaluable care to millions of women in this country?

The Don also cancelled Obama’s policy that directed companies with federal contracts to afford equal treatment to women in the workplace. He has revoked Obama’s Fair Play and Safe Workplaces policy, which guaranteed paycheck transparency; it also barred companies from forced arbitration clauses for sexual harassment, which steered sexual harassment complaints into private arbitration, which often favors employers. This devastating assault on women’s rights and protections while Ivanka stands tall singing the praises of women empowerment! (“Ironic Music” nominee as well.)OMFG TRUMP - Pussyhat

So where do you stand Ivanka? Do you stand on your own two feet or the shoulders of your father? Does your loyalty and need to be daddy’s girl trump what you stand for? Do you experience any cognitive dissonance that keeps you up at night? Do you wrestle with the reality of what your father’s actions and statements regarding women really signify? Would he turn on you like he does with everyone else were you to betray him?

At this juncture, your silence makes you seem another pawn in his smoke and mirrors parlor game. Guess we will stay tuned to see if this is sadly all there is. And it would be so sad, so sad as the women of America need your voice!








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