The Godfather of Soullessness

The Don, whose racist core finds voice in the puppet master Steve Bannon, and who continues to be funded by Robert and Rebekah Mercer, a nefarious father-daughter duo with such bizarre right wing views that Papa believes that radiation from the nukes dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were ultimately good for the Japanese as “it made them healthier!” That takes the old adage of “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” to heights so high that it is beyond bigly! (See Jayne Mayer’s disturbing portrayal in The New Yorker Magazine.)

The Whiteness displayed in the White House is so blinding I need to wear sunglasses to even look at all those swamp drainers hovering around the president when he wields his pen signing another executive order that continues to whitewash so much of what the black man in the white house accomplished. It’s like a nefarious game of presidential etch-a-sketch.

And then we have “Sly” Fox News with the notorious distinction of leading the way in both Fake Cable News and sexual harassment law suits- a place where powerful white men get to do their version of “Pussygate” and also carry on the great tradition of racism.

OMFG TRUMP - O'Reilly Vibrator

That’s right Bill O’Reilly, I mean you, you smug, misogynist, racist, master of misinformation that has now settled 5 sexual harassment lawsuits for over 13 million dollars. My favorite accusation is the allegation by one of your staff suggesting she get a vibrator and her claim that when you called her you were masturbating. You get an A from The Don-true brothers in crime.

Maxine Waters, a distinguished African American Congresswoman from California, gave an impassioned speech stating that African Americans, despite suffering discrimination and isolation throughout their history stand up for America when they point out how dangerous this president is for this country and democracy.

When O’Reilly was asked for his thoughts about Ms. Water’s statement by some Sly Fox anchors he responded:

“I didn’t hear a word she said. I was just looking at the James Brown Wig.”

The anchors on the show just started cracking up.

A female panelist, in an attempt to push back, responded: “You shouldn’t go after her for her looks. She is very attractive.”

Take that Bill. That’s some straight-up Pussy Power. Maxine must have really felt your solidarity. The hypocrisy hits just keep coming, as here is a female newscaster whose only retort to a blatantly racist statement is to comment that Bill was being unfair to Ms. Waters because she was attractive? How is she any different then Bill? Very little; but maybe a response like: “What do you mean you didn’t listen to her because you were looking at her hair you racist, chauvinist pig,” might have created a genuine solidarity with Ms. Waters.

For someone like O’Reilly hearing that would have probably gotten him hot and bothered and after the show he might find himself salaciously suggesting that he was turned on by seeing her “nasty” side and then whisper “boy do I have a good vibrator for you.”

And what was O’Reilly’s response to his female colleague? “I didn’t say she wasn’t attractive. I love James Brown; it’s just the same hair James Brown, The Godfather of Soul had.”

Wow. A Black congresswoman is talking about the plight of African Americans and their patriotism and Bill and his female counterpart are talking about her looks and her hair, barely giving a thought to what she had to say?

James Brown was no saint. He was an abuser of women (in this arena he and O’Reilly could be considered “Soul Mates.”) My guess is that Bill’s favorite Brown songs are “Its a (White) Man’s World”, or “Sex Machine”.  Don’t think Bill grooves to “Sing it out Loud: I’m Black and I’m Proud.” That song was of historic significance; it embraced the word black in a manner not heard before; it elevated it out of its pejorative place in American consciousness and created a sense of pride in the black community. All over the country blacks felt Brown had given voice to their racial identity. Brown was such a larger than life character that his activism and his meaning to the black community sometime get over looked.

He was the Godfather of Soul because his music came from a deep place of pain and the black experience; his genius was his ability to transform that experience in to a rhythm that moved people.  On the other hand, O’ Reilly is the Godfather of Soullessness. A man who uses his power to denigrate others, spread lies and perpetuates white supremacy, evidenced by his response to Maxine Waters. And one more thing Mr. Godfather of Soullessness, I dare you to make a video of yourself dancing to James Brown-now that would be funny!

Note: As of this posting, 21 companies have pulled their ads from Mr. O’Reilly’s show. Bravo! Let’s hope some pathetic act of contrition on his part doesn’t soften their stance. However, if the revelations about his sexual exploits hadn’t come to the fore would they have done the same thing to protest his racism?

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