Dr. Seuss Goes to Washington

I post this from the eerie but beautiful Joshua Tree National Park in California where I am in awe of nature’s wonders. Far from The warped world of The Don, I am still plagued by his cynical climate change denying choice for The EPA, Scott Pruitt, whose policies will have profound effects on our environment. With this in mind I thought whom else to turn to but Dr. Seuss, a wise man, for all times.

 In the Frank Capra production of “Dr. Seuss Goes to Washington”, starring The Don and Melania (oh, do I pine for Jimmy Stewart and Jean Arthur), Dr. Seuss goes to Congress and reads his books in a filibuster for the ages and tries to help republicans see that evil lurks and that the essence of democracy is under siege; he even makes a pitch for reading!

OMFG TRUMP - Mr Smith Goes to Washington

Inspired by Dr. Seuss, who the president called “a man doing great things, almost as great as Frederick Douglass,” Melania decided to venture in to a school in Washington to read his books in honor of his birthday and to celebrate National Read Across America Day.

She started with the uplifting “Oh, The Places You’ll Go”, which features the Don’s favorite lines in literature from the last book he has read: “You’ll be as famous as famous can be. With the whole wide world watching you win on TV.” The president loves this line, she told the kids and just loves the fact that Dr. Seuss thought and wrote about him!

But just when Melania thought her day was done,

The kids squealed and screamed that

They were not through with their fun.

Melania hemmed,

Melania hawed,

She had to get out

She had facial at four.

But the kids were persistent

As kids tend to be,

So she searched for more Seuss

And said Yertle the Turtle it must be.

To the glee of the children

She started to read,

Yertle the Turtle

Quite a turtle indeed!

“I am Yertle the Turtle, said Yertle,

I am the ruler of all that I see.”

She continued:

“You hush up your mouth, you’ve got no right to talk…

There’s nothing, no nothing, that’s higher than me.”

The first lady smiled,

On and on she went

Until one little child declared

Yertle was just like the president.

Again Melania thought that her day was done,

But the kids squealed and screamed that

They were not through with their fun.

OMFG TRUMP - Yertle Hitler and Trump.jpg

Melania hemmed,

Melania hawed,

She had to get out

She had a facial at four.

To the glee of the children

Accused of spewing alternative facts,

Melania relented

And read “The Lorax.”

“Way back in the days,

When the grass was still green,

The pond was still wet,

The clouds were still clean.”

She continued:

“Your glumping the pond where the Humming-Fish hummed,

No more can they run for their gills are all gummed.”

When she read: “I biggered my money”

They let out a great gasp

Then said that’s just like the word “bigly”

And they started to laugh.

A child got upset about the trees and the air

And asked why did the “Once-ler” do it,

Another yelled “He is just like Scott Pruitt!”

OMFG TRUMP - Lorax and Pruitt

Melania hemmed,

Melanie hawed,

She had to get out

She had a facial at four.

Goodbye little children

This is time well spent

Continue to read

Just like your president!









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