Who You Gonna Call?

Jason Chaffetz, who if you remember, was foaming at the mouth at the prospect of bringing Hillary down for ethics violations, has now raised the ire of Apple and Samsung by suggesting that: “People have a choice. Maybe they should not buy expensive cellphones and use that money for health care.” Shareholders of these stocks are in revolt, as they can’t believe a Republican would ever suggest something that could bring stock process down.

OMFG TRUMP - Grab Them by the PussyChaffetz, a man of great scruples, who once stated emphatically after the famous “Billy the Bush” incident or as it is lovingly referred to as “Pussygate”, that he was withdrawing his support for Trump so he could look his daughter in the eye. When I heard that I thought aw, that’s the kind of dad I would want. But then this Jew who converted to Mormonism changed his mind and when he converted for the second time and endorsed Trump. I wonder how he explained it to her? “Sometimes good men grab a little pussy; it’s not something to worry too much about, sweetie.”

Or maybe she has just never looked him in the eye again! Just the price you pay for moral bankruptcy.

But wait, there was a third conversion. OMFG TRUMP - Green Snake
In the 1980’s Chavetz was campaign co-chair for Democratic presidential nominee Michael Dukakis. Then he met Ronald Reagan and saw the light and became a Republican. This shedder of skins, aka Snakevetz, is now leading the light brigade charge on the Republican health care bill.

It’s funny how the Republicans always come back to choice: Blacks chose to come on slaveships in search of the American Dream, Black Colleges and Universities developed out of choice and now, if you deny yourself a smart phone, you will be able to afford to purchase healthcare! As Janis Joplin famously sang “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.”

In the Republicans new health care plan the rich get tax breaks that allow them to purchase more stock in Apple and and the poor get the freedom to be uncovered. Both are forms of freedom-seems like an even trade, don’t you think?

OMFG TRUMP - Let Them Eat CakeThe callousness of Snakevitz’s “let them not get phones” statement reminds me of Marie Antoinette’s: “Let them eat cake?” Which, if you ate too much, could give you diabetes and rather than a visit to a doctor, perhaps a loss of a limb, blindness or even a trip to the morgue.

Snakevitz and his brothers and sisters of the Church of Moral Turpitude are just who the American people need to decide our health care policy. Would you trust the man, who forsook his daughter to support the “Pussygate” player to protect you?

The Congressional Budget Office and the Joint Office of Taxation, both non-partisan organizations, have analyzed this health care proposal and concluded that as many as 14 million people will lose their healthcare. Public outcry by organizations representing doctors and hospitals, the AARP and many of the people who voted for The Don has not seemed to deter this reckless repeal and replace train. The fact that this plan will have devastating effects seems to be irrelevant.

What seems to be driving this train is the need to deliver-“come hell or high water”- on their promise of getting rid of Obamacare, no matter the consequences. It’s like some child riding his bike through a fence and breaking their shoulder because they had been threatening to do it for a long time and didn’t want to be humiliated for being all talk and no action. That the child is in excruciating pain, and destroyed a functional fence is just an inconvenience, but at least they have their pride! But as they are laying there, writhing in pain, they won’t be able to call anyone as their family followed the Snakevitz’s advice and had no phone; and oh yeah, no health care either, because I don’t think the money you save from exercising your freedom by not buying a phone buys you health care. If this plan is enacted I guess there will just be whole lot of people that Snakevetz won’t be able to look in the eye. He probably won’t blink as if he can do it to his daughter, the rest of the people are a piece of cake.







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