Good Night Air

“Good evening Mr. President. I brought you some warm milk.”

”Come on Bannie, give me a break. Quit with the niceties, will ya?”

“What’s the matter, D.T.?”

“Ever since that fake news story about me and “Billy the Bush”, Melania has been giving me the cold shoulder. Never wants to visit with me anymore. I mean how can she resist me? Look at this bed. Look at it! Look at it! It even has an all gold headboard! You know how many bouillon cubes that is? How much that cost me?”

“I thought you borrowed the money from Putie for that?”

“Well, that’s not the point! This is a bed that any king through the ages would die to lie in.”

“Any particular king come to mind?”

“Is this some kind of test, Bannie? Don’t pull that Harvard shit on me. You know I hated history when I was in school. But in 7th grade, I did have this really hot American History teacher. Man, those breasts; all I could do to stop myself from grabbing her pussy. You know that song by that black guy. Think he was some kind of Cook. Oh yeah, first name was Sam. Man can those people sing! ‘Don’t know much about history, Know all I need to know about Biology.’ “
OMFG TRUMP - Dunce Cap

“Ha! Clever turn of phrase, D.T. what a facile mind. That’s why the people voted for you.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere.”

“Yes, it does. And I expect to use it at every turn.”

“What? What are we talking about here, Bannie?”

“About your golden bed fit for a king and your lamenting there is no Queen to share it with.”

“Can you believe that? The most powerful man in the world helpless with his own queen…Ooh, Ooh, I remember the name of a King.”



“He definitely was a King and man he did he aver get what he deserved.”


“Oh nothing, D.T.”

“This milk really does the trick. I am feeling sleepy. Bannie, can you read me my bed time story?”

“With great pleasure.”

Good night moon, oops I mean:
OMFG TRUMP - Goodnight Moon

Good -bye trees,    

                           Good-bye air,

                           Good-bye planet,

                           Who the fuck cares?

                           Hello oil,

                           Hello gold,

                           Let the people who voted for you

                           rot in the cold.

                           Good -bye health care,

                           Good -bye Medicare,

                           Screw the working class

                            Let them live in despair.

                             Good by Muslims,

                              Mexicans, too;

                              Don’t you worry now,

                              Soon it will be Jews.

                              Reince makes me wince,

                              Stevie is the man,

                              D.T. you’re a genius,

                             An absolute prince!

“King, Stevie, not prince. King. Good…N…ZZZZZZZZZ.”

“Rodney. Rodney King? OMFG!  It’s like taking candy from a baby! Good night D.T. Evil dreams. Man is this going to be fun!”
OMFG TRUMP - Rodney King














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